Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Big Dipper At River Run


3 determined PAX posted at River Run this morning to log some miles and see what YHC had planned.  As Rosie accurately guessed yesterday, YHC signed up for the Richmond half-marathon recently and so YHC locked down the River Run Q between now and November 10 (Race Day).  Today’s plan was to generally avoid Twin Team and Ashwell hills and just log some easy miles.  So it was a 2.2-mile loop down to the river and around the high school that resembles big dipper a bit.  Do it twice and, if time allows, add some extra to get to  5 miles.


It was great to have LugNut and Sugar Sock out logging some miles.  I ran with Sugar Sock for the first loop and then we split up on the second loop.  SS is back out after an extended bout with a virus.  Great to have you back out and hope you have kicked that virus for good.

Lug Nut is putting in the work.  Always great to have him out.  He gave us a quick rundown from BRR, but I can’t wait to hear stories throughout the week.  Great job guys!



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  1. The flat route was perfect to test my wind. As you alluded, it started running out the second lap. Great running with you, and catching up. Felt good to be back out in the gloom.
    Way to push lugnut and gumbo! I’m already back stretching and both gumbo and lugnut keep running through the parking lot until exactly 6:15. Nice work!