Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Continue This Over Coffee?


Tu-Pac’s rejected the warmth and dryness of The Fartsack and pushed forth into the cool morning rain showers that made up the latest rendition of Sunday Funday. The tatoo artists around Monroe Park will tell the story something like this:


Rain made for muddy trails, so the PAX stuck to blacktop and concrete. From Pump House Park…north on Park Drive…through the neighborhood and park to Robinson, north to Monument heading east bound. Monument becomes Franklin. From there, continue east until 5th St., then southbound at 5th St. From there, west onto Cary until Robinson, then south to the Park, keeping the VITA Trail to our right and back to the VSF.

YHC lost count of his steps, and as neither Hardywood nor YHC was wearing a watch or other GPS-enabled device, there is no precise record of the distance. Google Maps says roughly 8 miles. Hardywood says 81 miles. Reality somewhere in between.


Today was a fine morning to hit the streets and observe Richmond at its Sunday morning best. Modest foot traffic, pleasant drivers, and few, if any, cyclists. YHC continues to be amazed by the multiplicity of approaches the average citizen takes to seeing their fellow man jogging past on a cool morning…everything from complete aloofness to a pleasant wave and a hello.

ET’s always offers some good conversation. Today, no different – thanks for the advice, buddy.  And, outside definitely trumps inside.

Have a super Sunday.  And, if you are a Cleveland Browns fan, condolences.  Talk about snatching a tie from the jaws of victory.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Great run Upchuck! Thanks for the time and the talk. This was a good one. And I am sure it was closer to 81 miles.