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Always 70 and Sunny

Tribute to F3RVA BRR Team


22 of F3RVA’s finest posted at Dogpile this morning to honor the 12 runners and 3 support personnel that made up the 2018 F3RVA BRR team!  Gumbo and Kubota had been gathering input from the team members for the last few weeks of things they like to do at a Dogpile beatdown.  That input was then choreographed into the following beatdown:

6:00am sharp!  Let’s mosey!  To the near traffic circle at the Carillon while the policeman watches us for:

COP (short and sweet, we have a lot to accomplish):

Invisible Jump Ropes x 10 (a Circle K favorite)

SSH x 10 (a TYA favorite, though no one could perform them like he does)

Imperial Walkers x 10 (Ollivander recommends)

*****5 Minute Alarm!!!  5 Burpees for Rosie!!!***** (recurring theme. 5 Burpees every 5 minutes. 12 x 5 = 60! Thanks, Rosie, your the best!!!

Copperhead Squats x 10 (Swiper loves)

Don Quixotes very slowly x 10 (Saab, need I say more?)

Crunchy Frogs x10 (per Rosie, YHC hates these)

mosey into Amphitheater for:


Amphitheater Work:

To honor Swirly, we performed 5 Incline Merkins on each step going up (90) and 5 Dips on each step going down (90).

Nice, long, straight back, plank at the bottom and then go into (10) Alternating Shoulder Taps in cadence for Swiper.

Perform 1 Box Jump Burpee (18) on each step going back up for Big Tennessee (OUCH!)

Total of 208 reps to equal the 208 miles that our boys are running in the BRR!!!

Trot over to the Carillon Field for:


Proper Dora for Lab Rat who was actually running one of his legs at that very moment!

Partner up and perform:

100 x Merkins

200 x LBC’s

300 x Squats

Partner runs the length of the field and back.  Flap Jack.

mosey over to the Rusty Cage for:


Rusty Cage work

Partner up and perform 3 sets of 5 Jerkins each partner to honor (Screendoor, our brother from F3 Hampton Roads)

Keep your partners and perform 1 set of 5 Burp-Up’s each while partner is performing WMD’s (Wide, Regular and Diamond Merkins) Thanks, Gomer Pyle!!  Brutal!

recover run down the Pipeline trail to the Pumphouse Road for a favorite of a lot of the BRR Runners:


Pipe Loop Triple Check

TYA loves a Triple Check

TYA, Saab, Swirly and Circle K love the Pipe Loop

Partner One runs the Loop

Partner Two Bear Crawls curb to curb and performs Incline Merkins on each curb (Bleeder loves his Bear Crawls)

Partner Three is performing more Imperial Walkers for Ollivander

mosey up the road to the grassy hill past Love Hill for:


Partner Carries up the hill to the first stone building – This was to honor Shakedown, Lug Nut and Flipper who are the drivers, logistics and support team for our runners.  Those guys are figuratively carrying our runners on their backs, so we are going to literally do the same thing!  Our boys can’t run the BRR without them! 

Run back to the flag just in time to end with the last Burpee Timer!  Thanks again, Rosie!

COT, Numberama, Namearama, Kubota took us out.


Need a Q for PuppyPile on Saturday, September 29th.

4 Year Anniversary on September 22nd at Dogpile!  6:00am Boot Camp followed by a 7:00am VITA course race followed by a cookout??

Slurpee has Breaking Bread on Sunday, September 23rd.  If you would like to help, contact Slurpee.

Watch out for Gumbo and the Ghost Flag!  It may be coming out soon!




About six months ago, Kubota signed up for this Q not realizing it was during BRR.  When he realized that it was the same weekend, he decided to come up with some sort of BRR theme.  In going back to last years back blast during the same weekend, he noticed Gumbo had pretty much done the same thing, so Kubota didn’t want to take it away from Gumbo in case Gumbo just forgot to sign up for that date.  Either way, we decided to Co-Q it which worked out great.  The whole point was to honor our BRR team at the same time we were beating ourselves down.  This was definitely accomplished.  There was a lot on the big laminated weinke that we had to try to finish.  Most of it was done.  The Triple Check had to be cut short, but that was about it.

Kubota, Gumbo and Slurpee arrived to the AO early, but not “Swirly Early.”  We left his parking spot open to see who would dare take it.  Well, here comes “Little Blue” and there goes “Little Blue” parking in “Big Blue’s” spot.  Only fitting that that would happen!  The Burpee Timer that Rosie recommended was a big hit and seemed to strike at the best of times!  It went off during the Box Jump Burpees, it went off during the Burp-Ups, it went off during the Partner Carries, if went off every freakin’ 5 minutes!  That was so much fun, we should do it at every workout from now on!  It was awesome that we were able to time Lab Rat’s Proper Dora at the same time that he was running one of his legs at the BRR.  Shakedown had texted us before we started that Lab Rat would be running during that time frame.  Also, Shakedown was able to companion run with Lab Rat during that leg.  I wonder if there was any Mumble Chatter during that run???  We think Shakedown ran with Lab Rat so Lab Rat didn’t have to talk to the trees while he was running alone.  Also, all the Mumble Chatter during the beat down was dedicated to Lab Rat (actually, there was little mumble chatter due to low oxygen levels and no rest or 10 counts.)  Helix and Malpractice were smoking the run during the DORA!  Box Jump Burpees in the Amphitheater are a new fan favorite, right?  Wilson loved the tour of the AO and the running in between to get from one place to the other. It was great to see JTB (John The Baptist) back out in the gloom.

The PAX this morning killed it and rolled through the exercises and routines with a lot of hard work and stamina!  Way to work, guys and you are better men because of what you did this morning.  Be thankful for all that you have and the opportunities you have been given.  Everyone is proud of our BRR team and your representing F3RVA!  Stay safe and don’t consume too many colbeers on the way back!  Have a great rest of the weekend, gentlemen!

Kubota                                              Gumbo

keep posting!                                    no more Gumbo for you!




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  1. First off – much RESPECT to our brothers running BRR. You guys are beasts. And, thanks to Shakedown for the pics and updates.

    Kubota – great idea and execution of this Q. Great partnering with you. And, thanks for handling the BB.

    PAX – way to bring it this morning. Maximum effort all around. It was great.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Get back safe BRR team and can’t wait to hear the stories.

  2. Very well done Kubota and Gumbo! That Co-Q was performed like a work of art with perfect coordination, transitions, and maximum effort towards kicking everyone’s ass who was present. I honestly don’t remember a dogpile Q that was tougher than this morning’s ……..well, except maybe the last one I Q’d. 😉

    Tclaps to Helix, Handshake, Hardywood, Slurpee, Goldberg, and Winehouse for making me look good on the partner evolutions.

    Respect to our boys running the BRR. Stay safe out there fellas!

  3. A collective FEBA from Van 1!! That sounds like an epic ass kicking. Well done, fellas, and MUCH respect for the shootouts. See you all back in the gloom!

  4. That was a brutal beatdown, I agree with Fudd, it was the toughest Dogpile I’ve been to. A true “best of hits” from the toughest guys in the Pax, I will be feeling it for a few days.

    I’m glad “Little Blue” could keep “Big Blue’s” spot warm. “Little Blue” was thankful to have the opportunity.

    Keep up the great work BRR guys, we missed y’all today.

  5. Wow, just wow. That looks like a total snot woggler!

    Thanks for the nod, it is much appreciated! Stories abound this year, I am sure they will be trickling thru to the pax quickly.

  6. I don’t know about Gumbo, but I will not be Q’ing this workout next year. Just agreed with my M that I will be running BRR next year if y’all will have me! BOOM!

  7. Holy mackeral! That was one for the books boys! Holy surgical precision performed by Dr. Gumbo and Dr. Kubota in order to accomplish one goal: SMOKEFEST!

    Best wishes and prayers to the BRR team on finishing strong!

    Thank goodness Helix was next to me when choosing a buddy for partner carries….Even with 140lbs on my back, still blacked out there at the end…

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