Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Q has no idea


Nine Davillians, including 3 2.0’s, made it down to swim in the Creek.  Here’s how it happened.


Sets of 15: Merkins, SSH, DQ, LBC’s, HRM, Helix squats

Mosey to field, partner up for Partner 11’s (courtesy of Mudface)

Partner wheelbarrow 15 paces, 1 derkin, switch up, partner carry back, 10 squats, keep going until 10 derkins and 1 squat.

Mosey to church for 4 corners: run to 1st corner, 5 HRM, carioca to next corner, 10 split jacks, run to 3rd corner, 15 Heels to heaven, carioca to start, 20 Freddie Mercury’s

Mosey to the flag, tunnel of love, then circle up around the flag for 10 each of American hammers, shoulder taps, LBC’s, mountain climbers and Helix squats.  Rinse and repeat all.  Hold plank for 1 minute to finish up.

COT, numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC was struggling to figure out the Q and Mudface offered to let him use an exercise just dreamed up in Mudface’s nefarious noggin.  YHC explained it poorly to the PAX, who picked it up and performed it with pride.  Due to their excelling, the exercise exceeded YHC’s estimate of time, and YHC extrapolated that it would be an esteemed idea to not elongate 4 corners, so called an audible posthaste.  This left time for the fan favorite, tunnel of love, flawlessly fulfilled by the frenetic PAX, especially Flounder.   Annnd, that’s done….

The PAX worked very hard on a really humid morning, and YHC’s glasses kept getting fogged up, which prevented reading of the cheatsheet and led to remarks about the Q not having any idea what was supposed to happen.  Tunnel of love is always interesting, especially with 2.0s (and them being brothers).  We did have one FNG, but he had to leave before being named–we hope to see you back soon!

Thanks for letting me lead.

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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