Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fan Fiction VQ, Hills, and Tire Time


10pm Thursday night, Twin Team had no Q. This time one week ago, YHC knew exactly what to do, and Sisyphus dominated the hill. This time both Mr. Holland and Sisyphus stayed on the sideline, and a 3-man PAX ended up with a hot potato.

TOBIT: YHC gave Tobit the first leg, offering an avenue out of Twin Team Hill. Given that we had an AO newbie, Tobit wanted to introduce him to the namesake nonetheless. After a brief (and apparently forgettable) COP, we attempted a Hill Beast. Tobit prescribed 4×9 rather than 6×6 per round, and we embarked on a dark and daunting endeavour. After two rounds (merkins, then WWIIs), Tobit realized we’d not finish, and relinquished the Q to YHC.

HOLLAND: In order to prove to Rosie that the PAX can hit both the Hill and JRHS in one morning, we moseyed over to the tire pit. By then, we had about five minutes, so each man grabbed a tire and flipped it for five minutes. At the timer, mosey back, a quick Mary, then out with numbers, names, and ‘nouncements.

Shoutout to the BRR crew – we did our best to run in the dark and do unpleasant things in your honor! Also, Mr. Holland thought this was potentially Tobit’s unintentional VQ, and had composed the backbone of a brilliant backblast accordingly before finding out he’s Q’d several times before. YHC is not one to waste good material, however; so below you’ll find a piece of fan fiction, what would have formed part of Tobit’s VQ, had that happened today:

It’s a tale as old as time: friends meet in the dark, their roles unclear. After a bit of awkward back-and-forth, Tobit takes the lead, and the friends head off to see what they can find. They begin to fumble around in the dark, spurring one another on along the way. Tobit stumbles from time to time, but that’s how these things always go. Time passes – more time than anyone realizes, and everyone gets invested in what’s going on. Before anyone really understands what’s happened, Tobit’s had his first time.

Suddenly, the outside world comes calling. Each one remembers his commitments in life, and has to exit the world they’ve just created. Tobit emerges, proud of what happened, but also wishing it could have been as he’d imagined it before. Everyone leaves a bit wiser, and contemplating their role in life.





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  1. We’ll finish the Twin Team beast someday…didn’t realize how long each round would take.

    Great backblast Mr. Holland! Made me wish today really was my VQ.

    Nice to meet you, Doozy…looking forward to seeing you back out again.

  2. Twin Team Beast…I like it. Also going from Twin Team to the tire pit is a haul. Good to know it can be done in 45 min. Love the fan fiction.