Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New faces at the Circus


Eight eager men came to Circus Maximus on another humid morning. Loaner KBs were dispatched and off we went for:

Cop – ssh, Helicopter, Don Qs, Merkin, Flutterkicks, Hillbillies. Head to back of school-

4 Rounds of: 20 Donkey Kicks, 20 Squats, lunge across, then 20 Lawnmowers. Then 4 Round’s of 25 KB Swings, KB Crab walk across, 10 SitnPress.

Head back for Boat N Canoe, 10 Snatch each arm. 20 Skull Crushers and 15 Pullovers. Finish with some Mary. Atilla took us out.

NMS- Great to see Kru back out and Ponch bringing his pals P-trap and Carlton back out. The 4 rounds of DKs/lunges took longer than expected but the pax kept it moving. White Deer and Jville pushed each other up front and Atilla is back to form after his west coast trip.

Good luck to the BRR crew and Kru mentioned he is doing the Travis Manion 5k this Sunday, you can sign up day of.



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