Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BRR 2019 Training Started Today


26 BRR starters and backups posted for today’s ode to all things sports. Here’s how we rolled.

Several BRR starters tapered around the field, mixing in some called exercises here and there. The rest of the PAX – including 2 BRR starters – began 2019 training the only way we know how.

COP: Invisbile Jump Ropes / SSHs / Helicopters / Knuckle Merkins / LBCs / Knuckle Merkins

The Thang: Partner up. 12 trees at the edge of the field along Cary Street. Run to farthest tree and back. 20 PLTs each. Run to farthest tree and back to 2nd tree. 20 2 count Mountain Climbers each. Repeato, alternating exercise at every tree.

Triple Check on the Black Top. Jackass Merkins / Elbow Plank / Karaoke

Pull-ups Ring of Fire. 5 pull-ups/chin-ups, whatever you can handle. PAX started in elbow plank. Various exercises were called throughout. Newly introduced Fire Hydrants made their second appearance in as many days.

Tennis Tryouts. One PAX member crushed a ball into orbit from the tennis courts out into the grass field. PAX runs to ball and performs 5 Burpees. Repeato until the whistle blew after 5 rounds.

Back to the Flag – Hardywood took us out.

Announcements: BRR crew heads out today. Y’all have put in the work and then some. Now go crush it. Safe travels along the way.

4-year anniversary convergence on 9/22

Puppy Pile on 9/29

CSAUP on 10/20

NMS: YHC signed up for this date to Q when I first joined F3RVA. Figured it would motivate me to stay in the game. Turns out I didn’t need the motivation, but kept the date anyway. The plan was a tennis workout. YHC hasn’t fully grasped the darkness schedule yet, and light really wasn’t an option this morning. We did get in a little tennis at the end. My apologies to Bleeder who shared with me that he would have slept in this morning but for the supposed tennis workout. Sorry brother. I’ll make amends. For those in wonder, at the end of each match at the U.S. Open, the winner launches 3 signed balls into the stands. Hence our final program of the day. I did forget to have y’all sign them. Oh well. Next time.

Great workout today men. I’m impressed and inspired on several fronts. To begin, the BRR crew has been leading by example for many months. Putting in the time and work to be ready for this weekend. Y’all are going to crush it. I can’t wait for next year. TYA did offer me an XXL shirt for this year’s BRR. First off, dude! I can’t wear that. Secondly, the only way one of those gets on YHC’s back is when I earn it next year. How do you like them apples?!

To the new guys, in particular Chet and Elliot. Way to push today. YHC is still a new guy in the grand scheme of things, but I can tell you that if you keep posting, you’ll get where you want to be quickly, and then excel well beyond that. Keep setting ’em up and knocking ’em down. Love seeing it all come together. Love having y’all on board.

Lastly, great numbers lately men. 26 at 45MOM is fantastic! But let’s keep pushing to get new guys out here.

Have a great rest of the week.

Res Ipsa Loquitur – the beatdown speaks for itself.


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  1. The new and improved Vinny needs a Shmedium!

    Well done Vinny. Great workout. Might need the PAX to bring some lawn mowers out to 45MOM soon before we lose a PAX member on that field.

    Love seeing Chet and Elliott back out. And Slim Shady has been kicking ass this week – 3 in a row. That hook if firmly set – nice job!

    BRR runners – good luck, safe travels and godspeed. You boys will kill it. No doubt! Can’t wait to hear the stories next week.

  2. Nice Q, Vinny! Great partnering with Handshake on the field work and Mr Holland and Flange on the Triple Check. The pull-up ring of Fire was a nice addition.
    Good luck BRR crew! You are more than ready!

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