Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dirt Church, Happy Birthday Edition.


While most of the congregation was away enjoying the fading last days of summer down at the Rivah, a couple regulars, a newbie, and a test driver started Sunday in the woods.

Profit** brought a couple different bikes and a guy who will end up buying one of ’em.  And even though we’ve seen him a bunch of times, neither Profit nor I recognized E.F. Hutton, who decided to have his first real mountain bike experience with us.    Maybe it was the beard that threw us… maybe the lack of glasses (he wears glasses, doesn’t he?)… either way, there he was, all primed and ready to go.

The day prior, three new trails were unveiled so we figured why not give some of ’em a whirl, and we planned to ride them until we read the sign that said “Most Difficult” with the black diamond and the skull & crossbones, and such, so we noped out of those, but instead decided Sunsetter’s brand new extension would be just fine for us.  And it was.  Sunsetter from the very top should be on everyone’s list.  They added not quite a mile to it, all as flowy as the rest, with just a few rock garden’ish things to contend with.  From there we did the usual route: Bell Return, Blueberry Hill, and just to leave with smiles on our faces, Blue Jay Way back out.

You couldn’t tell that Hutton had never ridden his bike in the woods.  No slouch at all.  Couple more Sundays and he’ll be killing it.

Eleven point seven miles, six hundred feet of climbing, in an hour and a half.

** Sunday was his sixty-friggin’-third birthday.  Even in the wrong shoes, he was pretty much killing it on the 29er.   HBD!


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  1. Thanks for the tour No Tools, that was a blast. Glad I didn’t injure myself. Will return ASAP. The beard is probably temporary, lazy shaving week while vacating. I do wear glasses, but not during workouts, just my trademark bandana. I like to keep a low profile, so going unrecognized is fine by me.