Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That time already?


That’s right! BRR is NEXT week. That means it’s time for the Wilson NO Running – Stage Ground & Pound workout.

OK – YHC needs to get this out first thing. The music selection and volume was not great. It will be corrected for next year. In fact, I am thinking of testing it a few times throughout the year…………be warned. YHC was really excited to try some new things this year – Partner Exercises. That whole odd/even struggle with YHC was happening even before we started.

The video attached is one of my favorites from 5FDP. Enjoy. Swirly go find a wall………………….then find the song The Bleeding from 5FDP and you’ll be able to bench 380. 🙂

26 strong men and one incredible young lady got right into the action. NO COP! Too much to accomplish. Head directly to the stage. Wait….is there a dude sleeping on MY stage. Did he not get the memo??? Audible – circle up in the enter area right in front of the stage. If he’s gonna take MY stage we are gonna make it hard to sleep.

Here are the exercises. Many thanks to Vinnie for being the ring girl this year. YHC still loves ya.

Partner Shoulder Press, Monkey Humpers, Arm Circles (who knew that would be so damn hard), Partner Leg Toss, Active Dead Cockroach – Partner Hand Punch, Imperial Walkers, Calf Raises, Shoulder Tap Merkins, Squats, SSH, Alabama Prom Date, 6 Inch Hold & LBC’s.

Lots of mumble chatter early on today and lots of catching up with PAX who you might not have seen in a while. Who knew THE Carpenter & YHC were born in the SAME hospital in Summit, NJ? It was cool to hear where everyone was born and what high school they went to (some were sounding a little attached to the high school years). For those who missed this workout, Posh actual spoke during the workout! LOL

THE Carpenter took us out.


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  1. Thank you for letting me lead you all today. I am blessed to have F3 and you all in my life. Thank you!

  2. Great annual beatdown as always Wilson. Sorry I had to leave early but glad I was able to be there. That Active Dead Cockroach was no joke.

    As The Carpenter shared on FB last night:

    In words of MudFace “This may be less about the workout and more about the friendships.” This couldn’t have been more true today!

  3. Nice Q, Wilson. That’s three of those for me…still hoping to recognize at least two songs in the same workout.

    Bleeder, apologies. ‘Nuff said. I’ll be shopping for shorts and / or thread this weekend.