Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’s the Track?


Twenty Four gentlemen ran decided to start this Friday off right by biking or running.  Before 5:30 AM, several PAX members preparing for the BRR took for additional miles.  At 5:30 AM, the professional and amateur bikers left.  This is what the rest of the running PAX did.

The Thang

Using Brocode, run east on Grove and take a left onto Antrim.  Run to Thomas Jefferson High School.  Pair up with a running equal and then alternate running 400s for about 24 minutes.  PAX members ran 7 to 9 400s.  Some PAX members did a slow lap around the track and then all ran back to Mary Munford for about 4 miles.

COT – Numberama, Name-o-rama, Announcements, Wheelie took us out.


A few weeks ago, YHC participated in the Richmond Road Runner’s Club summer track series at UR.  For one of the event, YHC and Betsy Ross (2.0) ran the 8000 relay in which each teammate alternated running 400s.  After completing this, YHC thought this would be a great RAMM workout including those preparing for the BRR.  After the mile warm-up run to TJ this morning, YHC gave the instruction to step onto the track.  As he stepped onto the track, he had trouble identifying where the track was because it was dark and the grass had overtaken the track.  After some discussion, Splinter pointed out a one foot path around the track.  Once this was discovered, off we went.  Little mumblechatter occurred while waiting for the partner to complete his run.  As we finished the 400s, most PAX members took a slow walk back to Antrim and then ran back to Mary Munford.  Its funny how running less miles like today can be so challenging.

Congratulations to Offshore for completing the summer challenge today by taking an amateur bike ride.

It was great partnering with Swiper today during the alternating 400s.  Well done to Sippy and Saab for pushing the pace.  Our groups were together the entire 24 minutes and it was exhausting.

  • Labor Day Convergence at Three Lakes Park – Sept 3rd at 7:00. See Pre-Blast
  • F3 RVA’s 4 Year Anniversary Convergence – Sept 22nd starting at 6:00. Runners and Non-Runners are needed.  See Pre-Blast

Gotta Run!



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  1. Yeah, that sucked. Glad I did it but it’s sucked – lol

    Thanks for the prayers guys. Things are still rough but my parents who haven’t talked to each other in almost 10 years talked today to get together to try and help my family members in need of your prayers so that’s a miracle right there.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job guys . Thanks for the steady/strong pace Gomer and BT – enjoyed it fellas !
    Payers heading your families way Shakedown.
    See y’all in the gloom.

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