Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Institute (Not MIT)


20 Redwoods, including two FNG’s, posted for a Thursday morning workout at Mary Munford.

The Thang

Mosey to near field at MM.  20x SSH, 25x LBC, 20 SSH, 20 copperhead square, 20 SSH, 10 Don Quixote.  Mosey towards Reveille church, stop along the way for some more squats, planks, etc. Arrive at Reveille and do curb crawls up till five and back down.  Mosey over to the pavilion for a double triple check.  First round, Abyss merkins, box cutters and one man sprint forward out and runs backwards back.  Second round dips, freddy mercury,  one man sprint forward out and runs backwards back.  Mosey back towards school stopping along the way for merkins.  Back to near field at mm for SSH, LBC, SSH, and American Hammers.  Mosey back to flag and Swirly took us out.


Great to have a couple new guys out there today.  One of the new boys Chet,  was Gumbo’s older brother who went to Benedictine with Circle K and played softball with BT.  I did not find out if the older Goldman was able to get into an actual college or university.  Other FNG, Elliot, came with Vinny and also knew BT.  He was a graduate of an institute in Lexington VA.  No confirmation either way whether he subsequently got into a college or university for grad school.

It was a pretty quiet day out there with mumble chatter etc.  We were moving around a lot so that kind of slows the talk down.  One of the things of note was the backwards running abilities of four pax members.  Rosie, Splinter, Pucker and Ollivander can sprint backwards.  It is crazy.  Backwards running may be good for you, but it can be dangerous.  Gumbo and Goldberg almost mowed people down along the way.

One of the F3 mottos is “never leave a man behind, but never leave him in the same place”.  Getting new FNG’s to post and keeping them coming back is one of the keys to us having a major impact.  Keep it going guys.



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  1. Monster beatdown today TYA. SSHs aren’t supposed to bring a man to his knees. Great work Elliot and Chet. Today was brutal with humidity and we moved around quite a bit. Hell of a first day to post. Come back and see us soon. Enjoyed the post beatdown hang with BT. Great catching up. Great job today men!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Welcome Chet and Elliot. Solid Q TYA !
    Way to work guys.
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Conversation with my M this morning.

    M: How was the workout? what did you guys do?
    Circle K : Watch TYA perform SSHs
    M: I bet that was a site
    Circle K : Yes it was

  4. Welcome Chet and Elliot, hope to see you back out soon. Nice field trip TYA, good to get outside the confines of the AO sometimes. Watching TYA do SSH was, like Splinter put it, like watching someone try to grab an elephant penis. I never thought that was a thing before this morning but that seems right now.

  5. Thanks all! I had a great time this morning, which is weird given the thorough beat down I experienced. I’ll be back on Thursdays until I can bust the rust off my knee enough to add a day. Have great Labor Day weekend guys. Rah Va Mil.

  6. Thanks to all that were out this morning. It was awesome. Currently I can only raise my arms enough to type this reply, which is fine. A special thanks to all who gave me words of encouragement. I know I have a long way to go. Special thanks to my little bro Gumbo. He has been working on getting me out for a long time and didn’t give up on me. To the others I knew today, you are all great and the ones I didn’t what an amazing introduction to this group. Thanks and I will definitely see you all again next week. Have a wonderful labor day weekend! Chet

  7. Thanks Rosie. Now I wont be able to get that image out of my head all day. Sounds like another Goldber TYA nightmare

  8. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    That analogy explains a lot. Maybe that is why i am so out of sync on SSH’s. My body is so out of kilter because of the elephant P that I have that it screws up my movements.

  9. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great work Chet. First workout is the hardest. All you got to do is hang on and keep posting. Results will follow and you will be pushing us all to new limits in no time.

  10. I think anyone that runs the trails or Rollercoaster in the summer has seen unsolicited evidence otherwise.

  11. Great Q TYA. Curious why the title wasn’t “A SSH Masters Clinic” but hey paying reverence to The Institute is never a paid idea for a BB Title either. Rah VA Mil!!

    Chet/Elliot – way to push through today. The Humidity factor was intense and the beat down was difficult…or, in TYA speak, it was WICKED Hot and the workout was WICKED HAHD. But you guys pushed through. Well done. Pace yourself but comeback. You will gain strength from this group (and not just physically) that you will soon crave. It’s addictive

  12. I think the Elephant Penis comment made Rosie stop SSHs for a few counts due to his inability to breathe. Clearly I struck a chord with the resemblance.

    I don’t know where TYA was but there was plenty of mumblechatter (a.k.a. Q mocking) happening throughout the workout.

  13. Elliot and Chet are already on the boards….and with AVATARS! Well done, boys…see you soon!

  14. The beauty of a TYA Q is that there is a separate exercise of Q mocking … in-cadence

    Maybe he was in his happy place.

  15. Welcome Elliot. Good chatting with you.

    I have heard the suggestion is to find time to do 2 in a row, then 3 in a row, etc. Many will agree that commitment to be there consistently first and then modify to get up to full speed is a good way to ease into it. You might surprise yourself. In the end You v. You.

    otoh. Some just jump right in full bore and drop 30 pounds. Ask Vinny.