Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Going on a Man Date and its almost White Deer Rutting Season


Have you ever told the wife at 4:30 a.m. that your waking up to go pick up Johnsonville and go on a Man date?  Well, we  found ten bucks of various sizes just waiting to  get started at Man Date .  The Men from DaVille

Not sure wRUT I was thinking, thought I would  rattle a few anthers with Chewie when approaching the PAX but daddy buck mudface said, go ahead rattle him back. Damn that Chewie’s  packing some serious guns under his F3 shirt. What do you think  a deer gonna do?

We couldn’t find any soft grass to lay our KB’s on so we opted for bus loop. Here’s how it went down

COP 25 SSH, 10 quick burpees, 20 DQ’s, 20 Helicopters, 25 merkins and 3 rounds of Boat-Canoe.

The object of the next exercise was to keep the KB off the ground for the next 35 minutes. I guess Mudface

wasn’t listening, but he never listens to white deer. Weighted carry to each light pole around the bus loop while  doing 10,15,20 25 reps of the following


Lawn Mower Rows

High Pulls


Sit and Presses

KB Swings

Overhead Pulls

COT – Numberama, Name -o-rama, Announcements, YHC took us out.

WOW, thought the sewer gas problem was solved with the use of our new FNG P-Trap, Not sure he has a  P- trap  big enough  to solve the Manndate leak.

Not  as much Mumble-chatter as I expected, but then Mudface did keep his distance in the rear this morning and couldn’t keep his KB off the ground.

Boat Canoe always gets a little mumble-chatter flowing.

After the 35 minute ride over with J Ville   to Manndate YHC was already tired from the 4:30 wake up call. Hope I was able to provide enough KB activity to get your blood pumping.

Phonics thanks for the invite out to Manndate and allowing YHC to Q the PAX.  Great job to all the PAX members this morning. Daville has certainly grown a great group of men representing  Richmond F3. Keep up the work, the will and the truth!

Love you Mudface!

White Deer



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  1. I had to write info high on a white board yesterday at school and noticed my arms were shaky while lifting my arms up. Wonder why? Thanks for guest Q’ing yesterday. One more time and you aren’t a guest any more.

  2. Yesterday was my 2nd road trip up to Manndate. It was a great morning! White Deer worked us hard. The PAX was strong and welcoming. Great job guys!

  3. Excellent BB White Deer. Thanks to you and Johnsonville for making the ride over. Enjoyed seeing the large crowd at MannDate although I’m not sure if the Assistant Principal would agree. Nice work Rounders with the 55 lbs KB. I’m happy that nobody lit a match during the COP. Haven’t heard anything like that since the last time I watched The Nutty Professor or Blazing Saddles.

  4. A timely and well written BB. Nice work White Deer. Guess you can teach an Old, Old Old Dog new tricks…

  5. Great Q White Deer! thank you for visiting us and delivering some PAIN! You are welcome here anytime!