Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’d Who Go


The humidity came back for the start of the work week and the 5 men at River Run.  5 miles route for all, or so we thought.  The route is into Tarrington and up the hill to Robious, back down the hill and do the Ashwell loop.

When YHC and Olivander decided to add an extra turn we thought we saw Singer starting around the loop, apparently this was not him.  Ran into Gumbo and Honeymoon who thought Singer was behind them so YHC and Olivander circled back to find Singer.  After a couple hills and no Singer we turned around and headed back to the AO.  Singer found us in his car and let us know that the man we saw was A) obviously not him and B) he had taken a different route back to the AO.  No worries, everyone got back safely and Olivander and YHC got a little extra mileage in, with a great push at the end too.

This was Olivander’s first time at River Run and the hills of Tarrington.  It’s no BRR but it’s decent prep for the hills there. Hope you make it back out again soon. Due to the extra mileage the COT was missing a couple PAX, TClaps to Gumbo for sticking around and waiting for us, also for doing Freddie Mercuries as we rolled into the parking lot.


Labor Day Convergence – Three Lakes Park – 7am – See Pre-Blast or Spit for more info

F3 RVA 4 year anniversary Convergence – Sept 22 at Dogwood Dell – 6 am workout, 7 am Race

CSAUP – October 20 – plan to run a little or a lot – you against you



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    my bad, ended up doing the OG Tarrington with a little extra added in. Didn’t have the 5 in me today, plus the double loop hill.

  2. No worries Singer, if we hadn’t seen that dude going around the loop we wouldn’t have turned around. His fault for not running with F3.

  3. Wedding Singer on

    That’s happened to me several times, usually when I don’t know where I’m going. Perfectly timed some non F3 runner will turn way up ahead down the wrong way and I’ll follow them into oblivion. I think I passed you on the steep hill as I was running up and you two down, as I passed Gumbo and HM just at the corner above the steep hill to turn up the to Robious.

  4. We went like this and he went like that, and I said, Hollywood, where’d he go….

    Love the BB Title.

    Great run today men. It was damn sticky – gross. One hell of a sweat rolling though. Great running with Honeymoon as always – with a strong push to start and to finish! You boys look BRR ready to me!