Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Football season is almost upon us


12 athletic behemoth PAX and the Fireman showed up to witness the Fireman’s second q on a low 70s humid morning.

Even though I am a Jets fan, I am excited about football season coming upon us in 6 days for college and 10 for NFL.  Our exercise routine went a little something like this:

Warm up:  In honor of Spinal Tap, 11 Don quixotes, 11 helicopters; then 20 Side Straddle hops, 20 Freddie Mercurys and 10 forward arm circles and 10 backward arm circles.

First exercise:  Mosey to parking lot at corner of ridge and forest, partner one lunges with the partner 2 does 5 burpees, partner 2 catches up to partner 1 and they switch.  Probably ended up doing 35-45 burpees unless you are Splinter and Jack Sparrow whose strides are super long; they probably did 20-30 burpees.

Second exercise:  Mosey to adjacent parking lot.  Bear crawl from one corner to the next corner, jog to next corner, 16 WWIIs, bear crawl to next corner, jog to next corner, 16 Merkins.  Repeato with backward crabwalks (or since I wasn’t clear on direction choose some form of crabwalk, do 32 LBCs and 32 jump squats).

Third exercise:  Mosey around adjacent neighborhood with a friendly somewhat dark jog (SilverSpring road to Spottswood to forest, first right to intersection).  Year NFL founded was according to wiki: 1920.   Run to end of culdesac, 19 merkins, run backwards back, 19 more merkins.  Repeato with 20 2 count mountain climbers.  then repeat with partner wheelbarrows.

Fourth exercise:  Mosey back to Tuckahoe and do 100 combined partner leg tosses

Lastly:  Kubota took over with a merkin ring of fire (or Mary).

Announcements:  Puppy pile went really well last Saturday.  Looking for a date in September with only limited conflicts.

Labor Day convergence.  Admittedly, I missed the other announcements but I think there is a big race at forest Hill Park in October.

I closed the group in prayer.

General Musings:  I mentioned to the group to try to not make puppy pile on 9/29 because of the Penn State/Ohio State game to which the response was “Is the game in the morning?” and I said “no” but neglected to tell them I would be in Pennsylvania for the game so while I am tailgating and getting fat, by all means have puppy pile.

Warmest Regards, the Fireman



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  1. Solid beatdown today, Fireman Ed. It was definitely better than 5-11. J-E-T-S… #HTTR. It’s always great to get out and see the Hoedown boys.

  2. Watchout Fireman, That Q’drenaline is like crack – you might get addicted!

    Nice work fellas!

  3. Great work Fireman Ed. Always good to get back out there after a vacation and you made me feel it.