Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking Bread with 2.0s


Gumbo and his 2.1 and 2.2 (Redbird and Snare) and two 2.0 friends filled up the Gumbo-mobile with Chicken Fiesta and headed to The Daily Planet to “break bread” with the folks there.  We dished out some delicious rotisserie chicken, rice, salad and, of course, some fried Yuca.  It was a great time.  The 2.0s all took orders, served plates of food, and engaged in great conversation.

Just like the first time I Q’d Breaking Bread, this is a wonderful opportunity for 2nd F and 3rd F and to meet and share some food and fellowship with some great folks who have hit a rough patch.  One woman tonight got sick and had to have heart surgery.  Throughout the process she was hospitalized for about six weeks and ended up losing her apartment.  Talk about being kicked when you are down.

It turns out that another couple from Grove Ave Baptist Church came tonight and brought Domino’s pizza, so there was a lot of food to go around, but the Chicken Fiesta was hit.  The patients were extremely thankful – it sounds like last Sunday was quite the opposite – not enough food to really make a meal.  But, they got creative.

Certainly makes you feel grateful for all the many blessings we have been given.  I encourage any of you who have not posted to a Breaking Bread to look at your calendar and try to block out a few hours on the last Sunday of one of the upcoming months.  So worth it.  You will get more than you give.

See you in the gloom, brothers.

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  1. Respect Gumbo, sorry I couldn’t help you out this time. Great idea with the Chicken Fiesta. That place is a hidden gem. I bet those folks loved it.

  2. I am embarrassed that you did this solo. Much respect, I am sorry I couldnt help….things went a little sideways on my trip this weekend. Sounds like you had some badass kids to get it all done though. Chicken Fiesta is a great idea, putting that one in the back pocket.

  3. Thanks guys. LR – no worries. I didn’t text you because I had 4 kids and plenty of hands. It was all good!

  4. Well done!

    For those who have not done this, come out sometime soon. The experience is it’s own reward.