Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“As It Turns Out, I Can Keep up With a 4 Year Old”


It is late in the month, it is 7:05am on a Saturday, and we were at Dogwood Dell…that can only mean one thing, it’s PUPPYPILE! We wake up our 2.0s a little earlier than normal (especially on a Saturday) and battle the gloom for a 55 minute beatdown, of a bunch of kids between 4 and 16. A total of 34 as it turns out.

MARV had the Q, admittedly, his first Q in a long, long time. Between LockJaw scheduling Carrillon runs on a weekly basis on Friday and just general laziness, MARV has been pretty much freeloading on the PAX over the past few, um, years. But nothing motivates MARV like youth sports, so count me in to lead PUPPYPILE when needed.

The Thang:

It was good to see the 6am DOGPILE-ers show up with cinder blocks. The Q had a thought to grab the blocks and try his luck with the 2.0s and 15lb cement blocks…but decided against it. Meanwhile, a 7:05am tip of the hat to the guys who were up at 6 on a Saturday and got to carry bricks.

Moseyed to the grass circle just east of the Carrilon.
Twelve Side Straddle Hops
Eight Donald Quixotes
Ten Helicopters
Ten Hillbillies
Three Burpees
15 arm circles forward
15 arm circles backward
Five Mercans
Ten two count LBCs

Off to a good start!

Then we all went to the outer circle for “Hot Potato Animal Walks”

Sippy–Bear Crawl to the Center
Fudd – Crabwalk to the Center
Vinnie — Lion Lunge to the Center
Rosie — Alligator Walk (no fun)
Unnamed — Snake Walk (equally no fun)

Moseyed to the stage behind the Carrillon for a game of 2.0s vs OG Hide and Seek.
2.0s do 15 Side Straddle Hops while the OGs go out and hide behind a tree. While hiding, the OGs have to do copper head squats. Shout out to Sippy…found a good spot behind a tree that eluded 2.0s Blue Collar and Tyson. We had to go as a group to find him. Switched it up to have the 2.0s go find dad.

Moseyed to the front of the Carrillon for a little triple check. Not a big triple check, mind you, but a little one. First person ran around the fencing around the Carrillon (from Hardywood: “I’m looking forward to getting the Carrillon back.” Yes you, and all of RVA, Wood). 2nd person was spelling their last school attended with straight legs (overheard “how do you spell Hard Knocks?”) 3rd person does SSHops.

Introduced our 2.0s to the Indigenous Person run around the Carrillon field.

The broke the old standby “Bearcrawl/Crabwalk Sharks and Minnows”. For those scoring at home, it has been six months since the grass has been mowed at the Carrillon. We actually lost two 2.0s in the grass over the course of the workout, including the first round of Sharks and Minnows.

Back to the flag for a three minute round of Burpee Shuffling. Shout out to The Wonderer for calling out the three burpee shuffle.

Closing word from MARV then many off to Elwood Thompsons.

It was fitting to do the 2.0 workouts as the Little League World Series is concluding this weekend. There are some fabulous sporting events throughout the year…from the Super Bowl to the Final Four to The Masters…every couple of years we get the Olympics. You can have all of those, I’ll take the Little League World Series any day. The MARVinsons are good for about 30 hours of Little League baseball watching for the 10 or so days that it is on. I can’t tell you how flat out good these 12 & 13 year olds are. Maybe it is because it comes at the end of a baseball filled summer, maybe because I have an 11 & 8yo, or maybe because there’s so much junk you have to sift through these days in the world of sports…but my eyes get consistently sweaty through the tournament in Williamsport. I encourage you to take your afternoon tomorrow to watch the final game.

We’ll pinpoint a September date for the next PUPPYPILE sometime soon. No matter when it is, count me in.


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  1. Great Q Marv! That was a blast. As always, we earned our bacon. Shark Bait had a blast chasing Halfpipe around. Whoever called those snakes should be made to do more burpees. (Wink, wink). Wanderer and Wedding Singer get credit for the Lion Lunges.