Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gumbo Hits Dingers



Nine stalwarts and Lab Rat posted for one final summer activity. Darkness be damned. Here we go:

COP: Willie Mays Hayes x 10 / Helicopters 10 / 5 burpees OYO/ Dead (Dying) Cockroaches 15 / LBCs 20

THANG: Cleveland Indians Run around bus circle and over to baseball field.

Baseball Workout – Part I: 1st Base: 10 burpees 2nd Base: 20 merkins 3rd Base: 30 American Hammers (2-count – is there any other kind) Home Plate: 40 WWIIs

Start at HP – 1 burpee. Run to 1st. 10 burpees. Back to Home Plate. 1 burpee. Run back to 1st. 10 burpees. Run to 2nd. 20 merkins. Repeato until all bases are touched.

Baseball Workout – Part II: Home Plate: Hold Plank (3 minutes) Crabwalk to 1st base. 1st Base: Dollies (3 minutes). Lunges to 2nd base. 2nd Base: Arm Claps (3 minutes). Bear crawl to 3rd base. 3rd Base: High knees (3 minutes).

Baseball Workout – Part III: Wiffle Ball: Each person sees six pitches (in theory. More on that in a minute). After six swings, batter calls out an exercises x 6. Mostly burpees ensued. Lab Rat was happy.

Back to the Flag / Mary: Merkins Ring of Fire (5). Werkins. HR Merkins. Merkins. Wider Werkins. One arm Merkins. Knuckle Merkins. Diamond Merkins. Diamond Knuckle Merkins.

YHC took us out.

Announcements: Puppy Pile tomorrow 7:05. Breaking Bread Sunday – see Gumbo to assist. Convergence Labor Day 3 Lakes Park. 7:00. Four year F3RVA Dogpile – 9/22

NMS: YHC decided to try the baseball workout one more time before it got dark. Fail – sorta. When I pulled into BW at 5:10, it was flat out dark. Stars were everywhere. Cones were planted in what YHC hoped was close to a regular field configuration. 5:29 all but one were ready to get beat. 5:30.30 – a DK sighting. Don’t mind the handicapped space, it’s early. No problem. Some thought they were there to play wiffle ball – apologies to Lab Rat. Not at all. Others knew what was happening. They’d done it before yet still came back.

Lots of mumble chatter to start the day. Zippy during the main course. WARNING: core muscle exercises invite extra barking spiders. Stay low. Hope it wafts over you.

Once the bases emptied, it was time for some modified wiffle ball. YHC had Buttermaker go first. What a gracious host. The man was an FNG yesterday, posted again today, and had to hit in absolute dark. Way to be a team player, and way to post back to back to start off your F3 career.

As always, Lab Rat has comments, and Gumbo hits dingers. Oh, and DK left early to make up for arriving late. The rarely seen double LIFO. Think grainy Big Foot photos. Supposedly we did 105 burpees. Solid.

-Res Ipsa Loquitur, The Beatdown Speaks for Itself




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  1. Thinking of changing my name to “Big Al Gumbo”. Kid can flat out rake!

    Great Q this morning Vinny. It was fun AND painful. The best kind.

    Great to meet Buttermaker and to have some non-SOJers out this morning with Handshake and Vinny and LabRat. LabRat’s passport must be full after this week. The Rat might be an acquired taste, but I for one am always excited when the Fly Fish mobile pulls in the parking lot. Less dead air that Gumbo has to fill!!!

    For Breaking Bread – I’m making it easy folks. I’ve got the food covered – just need 1 or 2 guys to show up and help entertain and enjoy fellowship with the folks at The Daily Planet. Let me know if you can join me Sunday – 5:30-7:30.

  2. John Kruk famously said he was not an athlete; he was a ball player.

    This workout is for crazy men looking to get covered in grass wet from dew and sweat. Solid beat down, both times.

    Welcome and happy 6 months.

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