Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Finally, P-trap found at CM AO – Sewer Gas problem solved

Five strong bucks followed White deer to the CM parking lot
A gentle warm up included  25 Side straddle hops, 20 helicopters,  10arm circles, 20 don  Quixote’s, 20 merkins, 10 crab cakes, 10 burpees, series of boat & canoe,
WD kept it right on the tarmac for the following:
20 Two arm swings
20 Single arm swings then alternate
20 right hand snatches then alternate
10 right hand lateral swings then alternate
10 Windmills both arms
20 High pulls
10 halos each direction
10 Plank pull through both sides
20 Over head pulls
20 KB heels to heaven
KB carry over school bus canopy for KB triple check
First man ran to end of bus canopy and back
Second – sit and presses, Third – alternating lawn mower pulls
Carry KB back over to start point for 10 burpees
Chum Bucket gave us a  good 5 minutes of cool down stretches
COT with YHC took  us out
Welcome  Swiper, for your first time at Circus Maximus  and welcome back Ponch.  Thanks for bringing  our new FNG P-trap to the circus. P-trap is in the plumbing business, we can surely put a good P-trap to use on Thursday mornings.
As always, good to see some new faces join the circus loop  over this summer.  Solid work by all, hope the old WD got your blood pumping.
Just remember  this joyfully  “pronking” white deer is guaranteed to make you smile and your day better!

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