Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This Was NOT Mr. Holland’s anniversary workout


Four men met in a parking lot with a butt load of buses and no Q.  Mumblechatter placed some missing pax members at WDog due to Mr. Holland ringing the 1 year bell this morning.  Hot potato workout….hot dog!


-COP with the usual suspects.  This was followed by a Dora, run around the lower parking lot loop while partner performs 100 merkins, 200 squats, and 300 1-count Freddie Mercury’s.

Lab Rat:

-Parking lot tracers down to the back of the parking lot.  Extended plank routine.  Sideways parking lot tracers back up the hill.

Bag Phone:

-Bench work:  dips; incline merkins; step ups; muscle ups


-Partner up, one partner bear crawls the length of field while other partner runs to goal post and back then swap.  Continue until both partners reach the end of the field or one dies.  No one died.  4 minutes of Mary to wrap it up.

Gumbo took us out.


Lots of buses in the front lot, with the Gumbo-mobile sitting in there amongst them.  I pulled up next to chat for a minute and noticed a homeless man at the bus stop reading the signs.  Umm, excuse me, that’s just Swiper.  Bag Phone arrived at the witching hour and gave us even numbers.

While performing flutter kicks during the COP, the little dipper was easily spotted high in the darkness of the Midlothian sky.  Bonus.

While performing parking lot tracers, Swiper lost control of the throttle….he was all out on the backwards run and couldnt seem to dial in the speed.  Hilarity ensued.  First time I have ever had problems on a parking lot tracers!  And from a guy who can flat out run, too.

Great to meet Bag Phone!  Hopefully we can meet again when you travel a little ways north.

Submitting travel expenses to Corporate this morning for gas money and tolls…


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Oh yeah, Happy Anniversary, MR HOLLAND! Sorry to miss it, but the challenge was calling and I must heed the call.

  2. Racking up the mileage Lab Rat!! Great to have you and Swiper out this morning and to have Bag Phone back out. Great job guys. Enjoyed the Hot Potato variety pack.