Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Dirty Dozen


YHC arrived at the AO, staked the flag, and waited to see who would post for a No Toll workout. And 10 SOJ regulars, 1 2.0, and 1 Richmond Proper PAX member posted toThe Gloom awake and ready. New Market clown car arrived just in time……0530, time to mosey.

COP= x 10 Don Quixote’s, x 25 SSH, x 50 Imperial Walkers, x 15 Flutter Kicks, x 15 LBC’s. Mosey over to the soccer field.

Ascending Four Corners= Corner 1, x 10 Merkins and mosey to corner 2 for x 10 Merkins and x 20 Flutter Kicks (2 count FK). Mosey to Corner 3 for x 10 Merkins, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 30 Merkins. Mosey to Corner 4 for x 10 Merkins, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 30 Merkins, and x 40 Flutter Kicks. YHC did not think about PAX running back to original corner but so be it. Planks while waiting for PAX to finish than mosey back to Corner 4….

Descending Four Corners= repeat but reverse and counting down. Corner 4, x 40 Flutter Kicks, x 30 Merkins, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 10 Merkins. Mosey to Corner 3, x 30 Merkins, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 10 Merkins. Corner 2, x 20 Flutter Kicks, x 10 Merkins and Corner 1, x 10 Merkins.

Field Sprints. 1 sprint, 60 sec rest. 2nd sprint, 50 sec rest. 3rd sprint, 40 sec rest. 4th sprint, 30 sec rest. 5th sprint, 20 sec rest, and 6th sprint, 10 sec rest. Mosey to sideline.

11’s. One sideline perform, x 1 squat and mosey to other sideline, x 10 plank jacks. Mosey back, x 2 squats and back across, x 9 plank jacks…….till x 10 squats and x 1 plank jacks.

4 minutes left, perfect. Mosey to the basketball court for Ring of Fire. Hand Release Merkins, x 5. YHC and Beaker started the ROF and moving to our left. PAX planked while awaiting there turn…..BOOM 0615! Time to mosey back to the flag.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements=Puppy Pile this Saturday, 0705 see Marv. Prayer request for all children returning to school, including our college children! CSAUP, see TYA. Convergence, Labor Day, see Spit.

Marmaduke took us out!

NMS=yup, Chesterfield County jacked things up with these school start times…0730, middle school. 0830, high school, and 0930, elementary school. Once again, the voters of CC are left scratching there heads! And CC Sup is already gone….

Great to see No Toll regulars this morning and Vinny too-crossing da rivah ain’t that bad. Tobit, way to crush your workout this morning. Cliffhanger, no middle schooler did what you did this morning!

Beaker took his daughter to University of Alabama last week and there was def mumblechatter in the COT after prayer requests…….as Wedding Singer said, Alabama Prom Date, just took a new meaning! Beaker, ROTC will keep her mind away from the evils that plaque college life!!!

And YHC still believes Wilson likes running……he just doesn’t admit it!!

Men, sometimes, “thank you” is all that needs to be said, so…..”Thank You.”

Only those who post understand,

Loud and Proud,


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  1. Great Q, Flatty! That drive across the river is rough. Gonna do it again on Friday. Move to RVA, schools are on point. Start on time. AP gonna play hard for the Skins. HTTR! Remember, Flatline Qs aren’t running Qs, but you run during Flatline Qs.

  2. Great Q Flatline. Plenty of sprints…and humidity today. A lethal combination. I was smoked.

    Breaking Break 8/26 – I have the Q. Let me know if anyone can join me. see the Pre-Blast I put out yesterday.

  3. Great Q, Flatline. Thanks for the well wishes for my daughter and thanks for including her in prayer, Marmaduke. It wasn’t easy turning around and driving back home without her last week. I’m fortunate to be part of this great group of guys. Thanks all!

  4. Nice Q, Flatline. I should not have worn a cotton cloth shirt this morning; it added about 2 lbs after being drenched in sweat! Way to push, fellas. A definite smoker that’s to be expected when Flatline is leading.

    Make it a great day, gents!

  5. Fun times this morning, Cliffhanger was back asleep before I got in the shower. Flatline’s typical “on the line” command is starting to give me scary flashbacks, not of high school baseball or basketball, but previous Flatline sprint heavy Qs. At least we didn’t do merkins for rest this time.

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