Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Curiosity Mounts


Crushed box of Newports. Opened wrapper wrapper.  Do I really want to look?  Never.

Maybe? No. I dont need to see that.  Not again.

Curiosity builds.

Just a quick scan.  Yes, there it is.

What glorious events previously occurred in this place?

Aiming to improve our Middle School reputation, 6 stalwarts are ready for another school year and we gathered in the cool morn at Quioccasin Byrd Middle School.  This is how it went down.


  • Dips Amrap followed by Dip tour :  Mosey around the school, 10 dips on each bench
  • Mosey to front parking lot Triple check :  Donkey Kick, WWII situp, Run out Burpee
  • Mosey to practice field for Beast : 6 x 6ea – merkin, ww2, mountain climber, SSH, squat, monkey humper.  Plank for 6.
  • Elbow plank with various lifts.
  • Mosey to Mini Cage: Partner elbow plank – assisted back pulls 6
  • Scout Run – 1.5 laps
  • 6  x 10 dips
  • COT – Loose Goose took us out.

Upcoming events

  • Mr Holland 1 year anniversary Q at Dog Pyle tomorrow.
  • Puppy Pyle 8/25 7am.
  • Labor day Convergence at three lakes park – no passport required.


Ahh middle school- who doesnt yearn for those awkward years.  I have never understood why that is something you are supposed to say,  YHC really doesnt yearn for those days.   After a summer away, YHC returned to school to fulfill the 5th step in the Troop Leading Procedure (thats RECON as any institute grads will tell you). On my QBMS recon last night the parking lot was clean.  Apparently the parking lot got some use last night as the Western Wildcats and their parents enjoyed first practice of the season.  Perfect practice makes perfect in the Wildcat nation!  Lets get it on!

Minimal mumble chatter today since we dropped right in without a COP.  YHC wanted to make sure that we all got a good tri workout so I started with AMRAP dips.  YHC wanted to level the field a bit for what comes next, we still have no idea how many we can do – but its a lot.   No more soccer arms.

YHC has been thinking about how typically we are neglecting the lats and upper back – and how tough that is to do outside.  Curious how the PAX like the lat pulls on the short cage.

Great work from everyone today.

Reputation improved?  Check!



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  1. Great parking lot humor this morning. It’s always wise to see what trash you are picking up before you grab it.