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Always 70 and Sunny

Punisher Digest – Triskaidekaphilia


A PAX of six posted for the most recent episode of the Punisher.  Apologies to all for not posting the backblast sooner.  You were there.  It wasn’t your imagination.  Lab Rat reminded YHC on Saturday that everyone reads the backblasts.  More on that later.

Anyway, for Monday, 8/13, following a brief warmup with some of the usual, we moseyed to the shady front yard rolled into the Thirteen Acres Baker’s Dozen with 13 rounds of 13 exercises – Merkins, Squats, Hello Dollys, Wide Grip Merkins, Forward Lunges, Rosalitas, Close Grip Merkins, Back Lunges, Freddie Mercurys, Carolina Dry Docks, Side Lunges, Flutter Kicks, and LBCs.  We started with 13 reps of the first exercise and 7 of each of the others.  For the next round, the 13 reps moved to the second exercise with 7 of all of the others.  And so on plus all of the exercises were single count.

Surprisingly, we had a few minutes left of the 45 and completed a Triple Check starting at the school gym wall with People’s Chair, Elbow Plank and a mosey to a nearby tree and back.  We finished with some stretching, and a COT and YHC took us out.

Welcome to FNG Strawberry (long time Mets fan) and thanks to Nightcrawler for headlocking.  Good seeing Honey Do and EF Hutton, too, both of whom had already received their Punisher passport stamp earlier but were back for more.  Thanks also to Tricycle for coming out.

Announcements:  Convergence on Labor Day at Three Lakes Park and CSAUP on October 20th.  Additional details on F3rva.org.  Also Gumbo is leading Breaking Bread this coming Sunday and is looking for additional volunteers see F3rva.org for information, too.

Testing Lab Rat’s assertion.  So FC Barcelona had a match with Deportivo Alaves on Saturday, 8/18.  In watching some of this match, YHC searched the interwebs for information on Alaves as I’m not familiar with all of the clubs in La Liga.  So what does this have to do with F3?  If you start with the Wikipedia entry for Deportivo Alaves, who can make it to the entry for Merkin in as few links as possible solely using Wikipedia hyperlinks.  BTW, Merkin doesn’t mean pushup.  For those that didn’t know, don’t cheat and search for that first.  Let the discovery wash over you.  A $10 gift card to Stir Crazy Cafe – a coffee joint at the heart of Bellevue and within 3 or so blocks of the Punisher AO if you can chart your Wikipedia link between the two in as few links as possible and first to post about it.  Post your path in the backblast comments.





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  1. I tried, but I can’t bring myself to read that whole Deportivo page, nor luck into the pathway to Merkin. I did read the backblast though. My legs still hurt from last Monday.

  2. Seeing as how I already knew what the term “merkin” was, consider this back blast more well read than the Deportivo Alaves wiki page.

    24 hours is the rule though, homie. Get you some!

  3. Deportivo Alavés–>La Liga–>Premier League–>Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.–>Sport in Sussex–>Culture of Sussex–>The Reader (2008 film)–>merkin

    I don’t need coffee, but I would like my time back please.

    • Coffee or not, Swiper, nice work. You might have had just a little bit of fun with the quest. I happened upon the connection through Deportivo Alaves > Vitoria-Gasteiz > Azkena Rock Festival > Tool > Maynard James Keenan > Merkin Vineyards (merkin parenthetically noted).

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