Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An open Dogpile Q !


26 strong posted for a Dogpile beatdown this morning and here is how it went down.

Warm up’s in the Amp Theatre : SSH’s, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, LBC’s Flutter Kicks

Up the steps :  incline merkins and SSH’s at each step – add 1 each step to the top 1-18.

Pole Smoker Indian Run : 4 pole smokers then run to the end of the line while pax does flutter kicks, 6 inches, and Freddy mercury.

Indian Run to the Rusty Cage.

Rusty Cage : Partner up : 10 Dips, 7 Jerkins = 3 sets – 5 overhead pull ups and 5 chin ups = 3 sets

Love Hill :  Partner up Run to the gate and back to your partner doing – walk out merkins , Lunges , Broad jump Burpees  as a team to the top of the hill at the gate.

Curb Crawl : 1-5 ladder and back down. Bear crawl to curb incline merkin crawl bear back decline merkin

Burpee Shuffle : Pax shuffling feet – pax member calls out burpee pax does burpee all the way around the circle.

Mary : Cross Leg Lifts – LBC’s and 6 inches.

Mosy to the Flag.

The Scoop: It has been a good while since YHC has had a Dogpile Q – and it was great to be back in the saddle. Thanks for letting me lead this morning pax.

Circle K, K2, and Gomer Pyle were the first to show up to the AO this morning and I told them I had received a text from Upchuck Friday night asking – when exactly does Swirly show up for a Swirly Q?  Great question by the way. So if it;s a Dogpile Q I arrive 1hr before launch if it is at another AO during the week it is 30min before launch. One might ask why the hell does he do that ?  well this morning would be a great example as to why… So as Circle k, K2, and GP and I are all standing there talking in the gloom this dude walks up to us from the road. Now this dude has no shirt on has one eye closed, smells like a river rat, and is babbling about he’s lost needs directions to boulevard and the reason he cant seem to find his way is because he has some kind of  a stigmatism ? So K2 does great and moves further away and closer to us Circle K faces the dude and explains where he needs to go – GP side steps very quietly to check out what the dude is carrying behind his back and I stand facing him visualizing myself  bouncing this dude off the light pole( which is directly behind the dude ) a few times then GP grabbing him around the neck in a ranger choke hold  (lights out baby :)) and then  Circle K grabbing my shovel flag wacking this dude one more time for good measure – digging a hole – throwing the dude in and then us saying to K2 (nothing to see hear – you good? ok let;s Mosy) …. Yea well that all luckily did not happen the dude went on his way – the rest of the pax arrived and as Wilson and Honeymoon got out of the car asking each other who the Q was this morning they both said – must be Swirly look at him looks like he’s gonna go scale a tree – jeez…. (Yea I was a little fired up about the possibilities of what could have just happened a few minutes before 🙂 ) I really don’t like violence I’m just always on alert – I;m Swirly..  OK  And so the Q began and a great time was had by all. Starting out in the Amp Theatre was no joke – that will wake you up for sure followed by some nice ab work and a good mossy over to the cage where we smoked our arms. Love hill is always a crowd pleaser – those walk out merkins are brutal – i’d rather do polar bears at least you can move up the hill a bit faster…. By the time the curb crawl began most everyone’s arms were done – the burpee shuffle followed and to top it of a little Mary with a gut busting 6 inches at the end. Freaken great job guys – y’all are awesome – way to work !

As always ET’s was a blast – great catching up – I don’t know about y”all but I left there singing – To all the girls I’ve loved before who traveled in and out my door – (Willie Nelson Baby) You had to be there – GP, Circle K, K2, EF Hutton, TYA are laughing right now and I bet are still singing that damn song in there heads – ok maybe not K2:)

Enjoyed it fellas have a great rest of your weekend – thanks for taking us out GP, thanks for recording the pax list Circle K.

See y’all in the gloom !


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  1. Perfect beatdown to start the day. Went on a tubing trip on the James afterwards and said to Hardywood, I had no idea that tubing could make you so sore. He kindly reminded me that it wasn’t the tubing. Great job today Deuce. You were green most of the way, but you never checked out. You fought hard the whole time. Keep coming back, you’ll be cranking it in no time.

  2. That was quite a beatdown today. Awesome BB as well Swirly. In addition to being a great read, it was also educational. I had no idea that the Shovel Flag could also be used to get rid of the body.

  3. Great beatdown Swirly! You can always count on extra Q energy at a Swirly Q – 50 count 6 inches at the end with a strong Swirly showing.

    Consensus from a few is that this is one to remember. Definitely reached muscle failure today. This one leveraged nearly all the DogPile apparatus. Love me some love hill!

    Great working with Hardywood, Garbage Plate, and DropCloth today.

    Way to push gents.

    That dude was impressive with his mental recall of local landmarks, but its still tough when you wake up with night blindness and astigmatism to the point it makes you wander a bit. I hate inefficiency and I bet he does too.
    – That got me thinking…. we may want to consider using PAX trackers for the Honeydo version CSAUP so that we dont inadvertently let one of ours do the same thing!

  4. Great Q Swirly. You never disappoint! Loved seeing the fella’s today. It is the highlight of my week. Deuce has really lived up to his name! The new Flash Dance and he has tossed Merlot (best compliment to the Q)! Good job by all and Bleeder & Vinny – next time you might catch me!

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