Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sisyphus Strikes Again


Two seasoned veterans did their best to defeat Twin Team Hill, with none but Persephone to witness this Sisyphean task.

Sisyphus depicted on a black-figure amphora vase, with Persephone looking on

Gumbo expected a leisurely solo run down by the river, until YHC rolled in at the stroke of 5:30 with the Q and a handful of cones & flower pots. We ran to the top of Twin Team, dropping markers along the way, and had a quick COP at the summit: SSH, DQ, Russian Soldiers, Freddie Mercury, hand-release merkins

Then, the latest installment in hills & soul-crushing futility.

Run to each cone/pot, perform the prescribed exercise, then return to the top of Twin Team. The five markers went something like this:

  • Bear Crawl back to summit
  • 25 derkins, run to top
  • 30 uphill WWIIs, run to top
  • 2 Man Triple Check: one man runs to previous cone & back, while the other performs an exercise (run to top @end)
    • mountain climbers
    • LBCs
    • alternate 10 merkins & hold plank for 10-count
  • 20 burpees, run to top

Return to Bettie for numberama, name-o-rama, ‘nouce-a-rama.

MOLESKIN: This is the third iteration of Sisyphus at Twin Team, and I think, the best one yet. The third time running on the triple check leg, knowing I was only coming down in order to go back up again, really drove home the mental element of this workout. Great to force yourself to dig a bit deeper when you think the well’s dry. Sisyphus will definitely make his return, and share with more of the PAX.



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  1. “soul-crushing futility” should have been the BB Title as that is exactly what this was. Oh brother was I smoked. I’m both thankful that you showed up and hateful of you at the same time. No doubt we are stronger for enduring that in the gloom this morning — and a special, dark gloom it was on TT Hill this morning. Great to push through that with you this morning Mr. Holland.