Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And the Q overslept…..(Timeshare-SC)


4 North Myrtle Beach Regulars and 4 visiting F3 warriors posted to Timeshare this morning. YHC hung back from the Monday evening cabana party for early bed due to early rise. YHC arrived at 0500, with an introduction to SC and NC PAX members. Beaker stated the Q would be coming in hot….So 0515, Beaker took lead. YHC was wondering how SC F3 would compare to F3 RVA-it was 70 but not quite sunny yet!

0515 COP…..x 35 SSH and that X 101 Imperial Walkers! (Not a typo).

Mosey over to a local park and PAX tripled up. PAX 1 climbed a tennis court fence to middle support bar, x 10 squats. PAX 2 performed mountain climbers, PAX 3 Plank Jacks. Reps, 5.

Mosey over to swings…..partner up. PAX 1, x 25 sit-ups, PAX 2 swing crunches (Merkin position with ankles on the swings, and abd crunches) Repeat x 1.

Time to mosey and the PAX was following the Q to the beach. Now this is what YHC was waiting for and PAX was lucky, low tide! 7’s was called. Near dunes, 6 merkins run down to the tide line and 1 squat. Run backward to the dunes. 5 merkins, run down, 2 squats, backwards up…. till switch 1 and 6.

Jump train….yup still on the beach. PAX member runs 10 yds and down in plank. Next member runs, jumps over PAX member and planks. All 8 PAX members performed than repeat.

1 minute to spare…..flutter kicks in the sand and Mosey down Main Street back to the flag.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: GOP has a PAX member in Charlotte asking in the COT, if a F3 brother is willing to state a demon they fight with or have fought with….GOP has some brothers in local nano region going through issues with suicides. Barbie is 8 weeks out  to becoming a dad.

Prayer requests and Beaker took us out!

NMS-0515 is even earlier than 0530 but SO WORTH IT!! Beaker, way to take lead with no show Q. Beaker did receive a text at 0531, Q overslept. Pinto was LIFO and dag’on, he foundus. Bones way to push this morning! Totally awesome to F3 brothers come together, downrange, and local, to continue sharpening iron!  YHC did ask the Q, “What’s is the coldest the PAX have gotten in the ocean”  F3RVA brothers, be glad we live in the RVA……for many reasons!!!

Even on vacation, only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud from SC,


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