Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Friday Morning


Three studs posted at Twin Team this morning in order to make themselves even better studs!  Here is what we did:


Arm Circles x 15 forward and x 15 backward (big and small)

Cotton Pickers x 15

Copperhead Squats x 15

Box Cutters x 15

Mountain Climbers x 10

Don Quixotes x 10

mosey to James River Drive for:


Lindsey’s (40’s):

Carolina Dry Docks/LBC’s

30/10, mosey 100 yards, 25/15, mosey 100 yards, 20/20, mosey 100 yards, 15/25, mosey 100 yards, 10/30, mosey 100 yards, 40/0, mosey 100 yards, 0/40 mosey 100 yards.

continue down JR Drive doing the following:

lunges, high knees, butt kickers, Russian soldiers, Imperial Walkers, carioke left, carioke right, backwards run, skipping, bear crawl, crawl bear.

grab part of the wooden guard rail for:



Incline Merkins on the rail/Dips on the rail


mosey down to the river bank and grab a picnic table or bench and do:

20 step ups left leg first/20 right leg first

10 skull crushes left/10 skull crushers right

5 box jumps

mosey to kayak landing and forward run down and up the steps three times.  Backward run down and up steps once(not smart!)

mosey away from the landing and grab a post for:

10 each of pole smokers/rosalitas/hello dollies/heels to heaven/reverse crunches/left cross leg lifts/right cross leg lifts/6 inches for 10 count/pole smokers

mosey back up the deceiving hill toward JRHS and stop at a nice green hill near a baseball field.  With 12 o’clock being uphill, perform clockwork merkins on the odd hours.

mosey back to BWES and 15 seconds of Burpees.

time up!

COT, Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out!



Ghost Flag will be on display and up for grabs at DogPile tomorrow!!

YHC has the F3 Carterico Q in Emerald Isle on August 22.  It is YHC’s birthday and YHC feels like dishing out a beatdown to the local F3 guys there for his birthday present.  If you need another Kubota Q in your life, make the trip down.  It’s only 4 hours.

PuppyPile is August 25th right after DogPile

Breaking Bread still needs a Q for August

Labor Day Convergence is on Labor Day.  See Spit’s preblast



YHC pulled in to BWES around 5:10am thinking that he may possibly be the only one posting today(damn! are the tired of me already?!)  Thankfully Gumbo arrived a few minutes later and then Tobit came in with 5 minutes to spare.  The three of us then wondered if Mr. Holland was going to make his last minute arrival.  A few cars turned in our direction of off Robious with 30 seconds to spare, but none were Mr. Holland.  We were looking for you!

YHC took his last Q he did at Twin Team a few weeks ago and tweaked it some because he likes going down to the River there.  YHC has still not ever stepped foot on Twin Team hill, but YHC has to post at River Run this coming up Monday for the Summer Tour, so we will see what Gumbo has in store.

Way to work this morning men!  Lots of abs, because YHC is getting ready for the beach!  The early part of the sunrise was pretty looking down river while we were working out on the benches.  Just a great morning all around and YHC is glad it is Friday!

Have a great one all!


keep posting!


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  1. Nice variety this morning, Kubota! This was your 8th Q this week?…You didn’t seem phased at all!

    Thanks for the trip down to the river…nice morning for it…and great to explore this huge AO some more.

  2. Great Q, again, Kubota. Loved the variety and the ab and arm work, but the cherry on top was that sunrise coming up on the River…beautiful!

    Respect on the Q streak. One more to go!

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