Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wilson gets a game ball


YHC arrived at SOT shortly after 5 and planted the flag.  7 others soon rolled in, and marveled at the AO that still has that “new car” smell.  0530 struck and we were off.



Mosey to the lower lot for Warmup, all IC:  20 x SSH, 10 x Don Quixote, 13 x Helicopter (yes, 13…YHC confused himself during cadence, laughing at some mumblechatter.  That won’t last, he thought to himself), 10 x slowwwww merkins, 20 X LBC

Mosey to football field for the Millennium, slightly modified.  PAX lines up on the goal line and begins the prescribed exercise.  First PAX to 100 calls out “HUNDRED,” others rejoice by sprinting to the other goal line and awaiting the next exercise. Merkins (mumblechatter dead), WW2, 2 ct Lunges, Carolina Dry Dock, 2 ct Flutter Kicks, Monkey Humpers, Shoulder Press, LBC, Squats, APD.


Partner up for 100 x Partner Leg Tosses, each man, in however many sets are needed.

With Same Partners, head to the track for some Catch Me If You Can.  Partner 1 starts around the track, backwards.  Partner 2 performs 5 Merkins and runs forwards after the Partner 1.  When caught, switch.  Keep up for a lap.

Mosey back to flag for numberama, namearama, and YHC took us out



Hump Day Happy Hour today at 5:30, meet at Kuba Kuba Dos for some Hill running with refreshments after.  PAX are advised to bring a dry shirt as there is no outdoor seating, and this is Tuckahoe.  Much Fancy.

PuppyPile August 25th immediately following DogPile, 705

Breaking Bread needs a Q this month.

Ghost Flag will be up for grabs at DogPile this Saturday



Way to work this morning, gentleman.  The Millenium is no joke, even with the change in the last round.  The PAX was thankful for the modification.  I think if I called the 100 burpees, we’d still be out there.  I left out the celery (SSH) and tried to select exercises that really work the upper body, core, and legs and alternated through.  So maybe we skipped the main course, but still had a pretty heavy meal of hors d’oeuvres.  I’ve never seen Wilson move like he did during the sprints.  He kept up with Tobit, which is some serious effort.  You earned the gameball, brother.  Was nice to see several different PAX calling 100.  At least 4 or 5, YHC thinks.

Way to push on the catch me if you can, that was deceptively more difficult than anticipated.

It was an honor, as always, to lead you fine men this morning.

Sugar Sock out.


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  1. Hell of a beatdown Sugar Sock. Great work everyone. Wilson vs Oyster sprint-off next week at NoToll!

  2. Great Q this morning, Sugar Sock! You kept the PAX moving the entire time…I was seriously smoked. No energy left to walk the dog.

  3. Nice Q Sugar Sock. That was a sneaky tough Ab workout with WWII & PLTs. Feeling those at the office.

  4. I think the curse only applies if an “out-of-towner” Qs SOJ. You and Lockjaw were both Q the days of the car trouble…

    The curse: You boys ain’t from around here, are ya? Weeeeel, ok, but you ain’t Q’n are ya?

  5. Sugar Sock – that was a serious beating and I kinda enjoyed the Millennial. Not sure I can take Oyster, but up for a challenge. I will say Duke can move backwards. What the hell? It’s the last thing we had to do. I left it ALL on the field. Great to be out there with y’all and I still think that was a wolf. The “guy” you spoke of was nowhere to be found. Get some rest as Sparky has Timberwolf I believe. He does like his toys.