Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wednesday Night


6 thirsty, hungry, wet and smelly PAX and 4 dry and well dressed PAX converged on Kuba Kuba Dos for the latest installment of HDHH.

We were seated at the big table in the middle of the restaurant so everyone could smell and hear us.  Beers were drunk and food was eaten.  Lots of talk about recent naming of FNG’s and some talk about the upcoming BRR.  Someone (I think Saab) noticed that Lockjaw had just finished a Falcon Smash and there were some perfect foam lines about a 1/4 inch apart around his glass.  Someone (Saab) commented that the beer he drank out of that glass “had the perfect head to it.”  No comment!

The members of this PAX (YHC included) might be some of the strongest and fastest guys YHC has met in his life, but when it comes to settling a restaurant bill, YHC is not impressed!  I’ll let the guys that were there comment on that in the comment section!

Great night all!  YHC enjoyed it!


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