Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Be Prepared


3 regulars and 3 summer tourists arrived at KB workout with only 4 KB’s. Spit made a quick dash back to the house to pick some more. Hot Potato Q was in play today so Mudface got things started

This is how went down

COP – SSH, HRM’s, DQ, Arm Cirlces


Spit not back yet

Medicine Bell Pass – Line up at side of the parking. One Pax pass Mudface’s 40 lb bell to next Pax then runs to the end of the line. Rinse and repeat till the PAX reach the other side of the parking lot

Spit is back with two more KB

Over/Under – In the same line and same KB, One pax pass the KB over their head then the next under their legs. Rinse, Repeat, and switch spots when needs till the PAX returns to the original side of the parking lot

Mudface pass the Q to Spit, mosey to the bus loop

4 Corners – 10 KB Burpees, 20 KB Swings, 30 Sit Up Presses , 40 Halos while doing the slingshot walk between corners

Spit passes the Q back to Mudface

KB Whatchamacalit’s – 1 Merkins Row/4 Overhead Press, rinse and repeat till 10 Merkin Rows/40 Overhead Press

Mudface passes Q back to Spit, mosey to the SF

3 MOM – Boat/Canoe on Chewy’s call, 20 Goblet Squat Press OYO

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out


YHC (Spit) forgot one of the best lesson from his days as a Boy Scout, “Be Prepared”. Phonics already had reached out to YHC to request the 25lb KB but obviously that wouldn’t be enough today.

Mudface quickly took things over and started the COP without KB. Afterwards since YHC was still heading back with the 2 extra bells, Mudface and some single bell exerices up his sleeve.

It was great to have Swiper, Phonics, and Punch join us today. Mumble Chatter focused around our favorite AO’s and the up coming CSAUP and convergences.

  • YHC challenges the rest of the neno-regions to the Iron Pax challenge. For full more details click the link
  • HDHH tonight – Kubota as has the Q. See the preblast
  • PuppyPile on August 25th immediately following DogPile.  Marv has the Q.
  • Ghost Flag will be up for grabs at DogPile this Saturday. See preblast
  • Labor Day Convergence 9/3 – See preblast 


  1. Great job today Mudface and Spit. I may have trouble lifting my arms tomorrow. The funny thing about your cadence count Mudface wasn’t at rhe Pax kept counting even though you were just coughing. Great seeing Swiper and Ponch in Daville.

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