Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The 5 D’s


6 regulars, 2 summer tourists and one FNG answered the call for the MANNdate Murph

Run 2 laps from the parking lot around the bus loop and back, walk 2 laps around the parking lot while performing slingshots

100 High pulls

200 lawn mowers

300 snatches

repeat the walks and runs if finished

Mosey to SF for Boat/Canoe




Pre-blast for Labor Day Convergence coming out soon

Ghost Flag should be making an appearance soon as well

Spit took us out


YHC really liked the walking slingshots that Spit introduced last week and after the customary several minutes of thought they were worked into today’s Murph. It was good having Kubota and Rosie with us this morning as they continue on their Summer Tour.

About halfway through, No Idea and YHC lost count of the number of rounds that they had done. They then started talking trash to Helix in an attempt to make him lose count as well. Not sure if it worked or not but it was fun to try.

The main topic of conversation this morning revolved around injuries that were odd for the activity being performed. Like breaking your arm swimming. The someone said “if your are gonna get hurt it should be cool, like being hit with a thrown wrench”, and that is how Patches got his name. Needless to say the Dodgeball quotes were flying.

Strong work was done by all. Thanks for letting me lead


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  1. Nice Q, Mudface! Thanks for introducing me to a kettlebell workout. Rosie, thanks for the use of your smaller kettlebell. Sorry you had to workout with the heavier one. Happy Birthday to Chewie!

  2. Thanks for the beatdown Mudface, the Murph takes on a whole new meaning with a kettlebell. I have now forgotten about my shoulder pain due to the soreness in a lot of other places.