Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Here Comes Sunshine


Five RVA pax, 2 local on foot and 3 on the tour, joined YHC for a 6:30 PM(!) workout.

The thang:

Warm  up – SSH, Don Qs (enter Sunny), Merkins, Peter Parkers, reverse crunch

mosey to corner of school property – Roscoe special – 9 minutes of running the perimeter.

Mosey to picnic tables – Lindsays – dips and LBCs

Mosey to back corner of school property along Hermitage, run along street alternating sprints and jobs between light poles to AP Hill corner. Turn left and alternate running speeds to next corner – 50%, 75%, 95%, 50%,100%.

Mosey to basketball court – suicide forward and backward running.

Rusty  cage – 10 burp ups

mosey to back trail along perimeter and all the way down to Hermitage, repeat light pole sprints and jogs down Hermitage.

Circle up for ring of fire – merkins.

Triple check – balls to wall, flutters, run.

ring of fire – burpees 1,2 or 3

5MOM – Dollys, Rosalitas, Freddie Mercury


Moleskin – YHC played this a little fast and loose, noticed the sheet was open and confirmed with chum that he’d take it out of his hands for a night. Wanted to get a good amount of running in, which double respect Sunny had been doing upon his partially tardy arrival into warmups.The workout was an attempt at the old string of pearls, keeping things constantly moving without losing anyone. This pax had no problem with that though. Honey Do and Rosie were out in front much of the time with Chum, Sunny and I doing our best to keep up.

YHC hadn’t Q’d in a while mostly due to the weariness of signing up and feeling the wrath of toddlers and babies in the middle of the night. Felt good to get back in the saddle, always puts a little pep in the step. Much like Honey Do’s comment upon arrival, it had been a long day and it would feel good to get a workout in after the stress, unlike the stress reliever of a workout before the day commences.

Enjoyed it fellas, thanks for letting me lead.





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  1. Wedding Singer on

    I could get used to a PM workout if we could get day care access there. Will have to check Chum’s 2.0 availability in the future.

  2. You had us cover a lot of ground Singer. I did not keep up with Rosie, he slowed down for me.