Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Soggy shoes and steep hills


A fearless 5 PAX showed up for a rainy Monday morning at RiverRun – there was no shortage of rain or hills.

The route – Queen’s Grant Hill to Gumbo’s house and back. Turn around at 23 minutes and try and get back in 22.

Rosie, Honeymoon, and Swiper stayed as a group the majority of the time and finished the full route for a little over 5 miles. YHC took the medium pace and finished at 4.5 miles (just enough distance to get to the bottom of the second hill and turn around and climb back up 🙁 ). Lugnut took up the rear guard position and was back at the shovel flag when I returned – not sure on final distance.

YHC took the Q for this one last week to force myself to post – good thing, because there is a near zero chance that I would have been running in conditions like this morning if not for F3. You all help me to become stronger, both physically and mentally. Thanks for pulling me along this morning!

~Why walk when you can Wheelbarrow?


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