Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Driving on Sidewalks


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Six hoe regulars convened in the bus loop, waiting for the rain.  No one signed up so we stole from Batteau this AM and hot potato’d it.  Once the rain started, off we went to the front of the school for:

COP (Splinter)
Invisible Jumpropes – 25
Copperhead Squats – 25
Don Quixotes – 10
Mountain Climbers – 20ish
Merkins – 10

The Thang
Splinter continued from COP and we mosey’d over to the bus drop off lane for an impromptu series of polar bears.  Polar bear lunge the length of the bus lane, jump squatting after 5 lunges.  Turn around and come back the other direction with traditional polar bears.  Turn around again for lunge polar bears with broad jump burpees every 5 steps.  Attempt crab walk polar bear with 4 count crab cake on the way back.  Flipper completed, others switched to traditional polar bear half way through.

Toss the potato to Flipper and he led the PAX to the car pool drop off loop for triple check.  BTTW, merkins, and a lap around the loop.

Lateral the potato to Slurpee for the next round, Dora.  Exercises were merkins, flutter kicks, and squats/lunges.  Be wary of random school workers driving on sidewalks at 550am.

Transition to the parking lot for a random assortment of Mary which included 6 inches, 2 rounds of ring of fire, 6 inches, single leg APDs, freddy mercuries and LBCs.  Juvenile comments were strong this am.

COT where Pucker took us out.

Nice work by the PAX this morning.  There wasn’t a single exercise in the bunch where one could catch your breath.  That’s what a hot potato will do to you.

During Dora, YHC had his eyes closed pumping out flutter kicks with the rain gently hitting my face.  I saw the car pull in the drop off loop and drive up on the sidewalk behind the PAX doing flutter kicks but didn’t think much of it.  That was until the horn blew and I looked up and saw a car about 10 feet away from me.  Whoever that was, had the nerve to drive up on the sidewalk, do a u-turn and then try to nestle right up beside the cafeteria wall.  All of this while there are about 25 parking spaces about 30 feet away.  Be on the lookout PAX.  That dude was just out of his mind.  Sorry Pucker, we may have done more flutters than necessary.  I was flustered and lost count.

Great to see Fudd again and great to see Jack Sparrow becoming a regular at the Tuckahoe AOs.  YHC was surprised when the potato was passed to him during mary and he couldn’t come up with a single ab exercise.  He quickly replied, “I don’t do abs”.

Amateur RAMM Gears day this Friday.  Bring your bike and have No Tools use his tools to fix it up.

Splinter out



  1. Might I propose Alaska king Crab for crabwalk / crab cake – that sounds challenging- . Lunge squats sound like a Angry ( hes not Jolly ) Green Giant.

  2. Nice job guys….I agree about that guy’s move coming up on the curve and nearly running you over, unbelievable!


    You still scratching your head as well on that one?