Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hold On. This One’s Not Centered Right.


Three ground pounders churned through sunny and 70 temps to grind out today’s version of Sunday Funday.  Here’s how it either happened (or YHC wishes it happened).

Route: South Bank + Larriott + Pottersfield + North Bank.  Roughly 7 miles in total.  Ponch was squeezed for time, but shoe-horned somewhere in the 3-4 mile range with limited time.  Well done.

Silent Number-am-a, Name-a-rama, and YHC mumbled something about what a treat this part of life is.  And, there was a bit of a silent remembrance for a friend.


Great day for YHC to get back on the trails. It’s been a few weeks since YHC has done a Sunday run, so YHC was a little reticent given a tender ankle and a limited amount of miles over the past week or two.  Turns out…no worries.  Good stamina, even with the humidity.  Let’s hear it for me.

Nice to see Ponch join us – he is building back up his endurance running.  Great job today.  And, way to push this morning in order to balance the first F and the Family F when crunched for time.  Squeeze in the miles when you can.  Looking forward to having you join us on more Sundays.

Lab Rat was his normal chatty self, and between the two of us, many solutions were developed to the world’s problems.  Implementation seems to be lacking, but plans are in the works for addressing Trump, employment for those with special needs, female aging, and the appropriate times for a woman to announce she has put on a bra.  Glad to hear the coffee carts are going well.  Next week: male pattern baldness among other topics.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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