Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

49 Year Old VQ


Nine brave souls (including 1 FNG) fought off the fartsack to partake in ByProduct’s VQ at Gridiron on this beautiful humid morning.  After a few jokes about this morning’s cherry picking, we got down to business.  


SSH – 49X

Arm Circles – 15X/5X/15X/5X

Don Quixotes – 15X

Helicopters – 15X

Imperial Walkers – 15X

Crab Cakes – 15X

The Thang:

Mosey to the volleyball courts where we began the fun with 7 burpees.  The PAX was then instructed to bear crawl to mid-court for another set of 7 burpees followed by some sand crab walks to the other end of the court for 7 more burpees.  We repeated this sequence until 49 burpees had been completed.  It was noted how quickly the VQ had already worked up a sweat by some of the PAX. – Thanks WD

We then made our way over to the playground where we partnered up and completed 3 sets of PLTs (20X) and Jerkins (10X). 

Next stop on the BD tour was the football field where we completed a beast with Merkins going out and WWII sit ups coming back.  Chatter was mixed at this point, which was a good indicator that everyone was getting their monies worth!

Moseyed to the pavilion for some dips (20X), step ups – right leg (20X), more dips (20X), step ups – left leg (20X) and even more dips (20X)

Circled up where we began the morning for 10 more birthday burpees followed by an encore of 49 more SSH.  That was sure a crowd pleaser!

Numberama, namerama and then ByProduct took us out.

A bunch of us then headed over to Einstein’s for some coffee time.

This morning was a lot of fun (especially on my 49th BD) and it was great to see some new faces at Gridiron! 


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  1. Nice VQ Byproduct. Atilla would have loved this one. Glad to have our NC visitors and welcome FNG Hollywood

  2. Lots of fun out at Gridiron this morning. Great job, ByProduct! Great to put some faces to some names! Have a great weekend all!