Wednesday, January 19
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Partner Run – A day late…or two


2 strong waited in the car witnessing torrential downpours and sharp lightning strikes.  As 5:30 approaches we step out of the cars, the rain stops and YHC gives the command and we’re off.

Loop around the school, right on Riverton Ridge, right on Welby, left on Edmonton, left on Ashwell down and around the long loop and back for a solid 4 miles.

Fun run with EF Hutton as he knocks another AO off of his summer tour.  Being the kind gentleman that Hutton is he offered to run with YHC.  YHC, never being the fastest member of the PAX sets the mission to run fast enough that he can’t walk beside me, mission accomplished…for the most part.  Only saw one wild animal and chatted about a lot of good stuff along the way.  Fun run, great way to kick off a week!



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