Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

My Yukon is a piece next to that thing!


15 Strong arrived this morning in hopes that the rain would hold off just long enough. Mumble chatter was good at The Gloom this morning. 0530, time to mosey.

COP on the bricks in front of The Carilion…..x 15 Imperial Walkers, x 10 Don Quixote’s, x 20 SSH, x 15 Flutter Kicks, x 15 LBC, and in honor Hardywood, x 15 Hand Release Merkins. Enough, let’s get it started! Mosey to The Lawn.

Part 1- run the length of The Lawn and 5 merkins, run again and 10 merkins, run again and 15 merkins, and run a 4th time with 20 merkins.

Part 2- partner up and wheelbarrow the lenth of The Lawn. Each partners goes as far as physically possible. PAX, way to make your workout work!

Part 3- running again but this time, flutter kicks. Run 4 lengths of the field and after every run, increments of 5 again and performing flutter kicks.

Part 4- Partner Leg Toss, each partner performs x100.

Approx 14 minutes to spare….mosey over to the concrete driveway that goes up “The Hill”, near Fountain Lake. YCH believes “The Hill” is an old water filtration tank from way back when.

Modified Dora….partner up. Partner 1 runs up the driveway backwards and back down in a normal fashion. Partner2 performs exercises and switch…..x100 SSH, x 150 Flutter Kicks, and x 200 LBC’s. YHC thought time would prevent us from finishing but BAM, PAX finished strong!!! Mosey back to the flag.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, and Announcements: Puppy Pile the end of August, see Marv. Congrats to Hardywood and Hitchhiker, their M, and families for the blessed and healthy additions to their tribe!

Circle K took us out!

NMS…YHC was last minute with this workout not knowing how much time The Lawn exercises would take. Worked out because I had nothing after modified Dora. YHC is sure some of the PAX thought a trip around Fountain Lake would occur but not enough time!! TClaps for counting today at COP…boisterous!

Training camp reports today….HTTR!!

Bleeder, BAD ASS ride my friend and RED!! Maybe……almost…… pure perfection, speaking of cars!

YHC’s day started out right for sure!! Thank you for following this morning. Count your blessings and never, ever, ever give up!!!! It was an honor to lead this morning!

Only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud!!



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  1. Good one today, Flatline. You must’ve really distressed Lab Rat’s soul, because he had to run that drive way barefoot as atonement for whatever curses he’d been throwing at you.

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