Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is it me or the rain?


2 summer tourists and 2 Davillians stood tall in the morning rain to see what kind of beatdown was in store for the PAX.  Not being too familiar with the AO and having low numbers, YHC got Spit to provide directions to the nearest pull up bars.

Mosey between the schools for a little warm up of DQ, IW, Moroccan Night Club, Annie and then to make sure no one was worried about when we were going to get wet, LBC and HRM.

Mosey back to the pull up bars for a Modified Cindy – 5 Pullups, 10 lunges, each leg, across the basketball courts, 15 boxcutters – run back to the bars and repeat until the Q says stop – 12 minutes

Partner up for Dora – 50 burpees, 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks

Bear crawl loops – 1 person bear crawls the bus loop, the other 3 run around the bus loop in the opposite direction.  Switch until everyone has a turn to bear crawl

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary – American Hammer, 1-Leg APD, Freddie Mercurys, Cross Leg Lifts, Superman

COT – Spit took us out.

Another day, another Rosie Q with rain and less than typical numbers.  Hopefully it’s the rain keeping the PAX away and not the fear of a YHC Q.  At some point in the workout it stopped raining but YHC didn’t notice until we were headed back to the flag  Kubota hit Punisher last night and did another 200+ merkins on top of YHC’s Hoedown.  He let YHC know that over 400 merkins was enough for him and he would be spent.  YHC suggested we would limit the merkins and do pullups and burpees instead, unfortunately for his arms, YHC was not joking.  Thanks to Spit and Helix for providing directions around the DaVille AO, there are endless options there.  Spit was powering through the Dora and it is always inspiring to see Helix’s form on just about everything.

Loving the summer tour so far, YHC is going at it much slower than some others (Congrats to Sugar Sock for finishing up last night) but it is fun to get out to the other AOs and see the PAX plus see what the AOs have to offer and the things you read about in the backblasts.  It is recommended, even if you aren’t participating in the full tour, to get out to an unfamiliar AO every once in a while to challenge yourself and enjoy what F3RVA has to offer.

Great times in the rain today men, I appreciate the opportunity to lead.


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  1. Nice Q, Rosie! Way to work Spit and Helix! Anybody have a shoe dryer I can borrow? Have a great day all!

  2. I look forward to some Rosie Q’s over the next couple days. And I couldn’t agree more re: the tour. There are some great AOs in RVA, and some great PAX all around. Get out of your comfort zone and go visit one you haven’t been to before! You won’t regret it.

  3. Great Q Rosie! Enjoyed having you and Kubota up to the North today. Looking forward to having you guys again at MANNdate next week!

    5 pull ups was the perfect number for the set. Anymore and there was no way I would have finished them.

    Glad to have atleast one other Davillian out there today! Thanks Helix!

  4. Thanks for leading, Rosie. You brought some new and challenging stuff. Kabota flew thru the Cindy; can’t believe all of his energy considering all the workouts he’s been grinding out. Spit, indeed, hammered out the pull-ups in that evolution!