Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Guys, I think it’s raining


Six men felt the peer pressure and left the comforts of their fartsacks to post at No Toll this morning.  The AO was secured at 5:00 and all was quiet, save for the rain for a while until Swiper showed up and then walked off.  Where did he go?  YHC began to wonder if it was really Swiper at all.  Eventually he wandered back, the others showed and we were off.  This is what went down.


Mosey to nearby lot for COP and to gather stragglers.  All IC: 60 x SSH, 15 x helicopters, 10 x Don Quixote, 10 X Merkin 1.5’s, slow (1-chest to ground, 2-halfway up, 3-chest to ground, 4 – all the way up = 1 Rep),  20 x LBC, 20 x LBC with one leg straight/the other bent per normal position, 20 X LBC – switch legs.

Triple Check: 50 SSH instead of running, WW2’s, Flutter Kicks

Mosey out to the big lot beyond the gate for Dora: one partner runs around the lot, the other works on: 200 2 ct Shoulder Taps, 300 Box Cutters, 400 Squats.   (Apologies to Bag Phone, I should have explained better that we work towards those counts together with a partner.  I wouldn’t have blamed you for a mutiny thinking you had to get to those counts on your own!)

Keep same partners, Partner 1 lunges across lot long ways, Partner 2 runs to the far end and back.  When partners meet, switch positions.  Switch to Bear Crawls for the return trip.

Mosey back to flag, but wait we have 30 seconds left!  Making sure the PAX got their money’s worth: circle up for 30 seconds of Mary – American Hammers x 10 IC.


Was thankful it was just rain this morning.  I had modified the entire workout to be done in the pavilion in case of lightning, hence the SSH instead of running in the triple check.  Seeing no flashes this morning, most of it got switched back to normal, but I left the triple check modified just for some variety.  Super 21s and some 11s were under consideration, but we hit those things hard in a nice ground and pound by Chum Bucket at Punisher last night.  In fact, most upper body exercises were subbed for abs and legs.  For some reason, YHC recovers faster there than from Merkins.  Apologies to the PAX if anyone was after Chest Day out there!  Your M’s probably like the abs too.

YHC got a good laugh when Marmaduke casually mentioned “Guys, I think it’s raining” during COP.  Tobit mentioned the Peer Pressure of F3 as the main cause of his post.  That’s what it’s all about, we show up in the gloom more for the other guys than for ourselves.  Along the way, we get in a nice workout.  Great effort this morning men, there’s nothing quite like pushing through some adverse conditions with ya’ll.  Take that strength out into the world and make the day better for someone else who needs a lift!

Sugar Sock out



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  1. Great Q SS! Way to bring it, and thanks for keeping us dry…wait, never mind , great morning in the gloom, way to work fellas!

  2. Way to rock it in the rain this morning, Sugar Sock! Great Q! And nice job posting at Punisher last night and making it out to Q at No Toll this morning.

    It’s always a little tough to rise from the fartsack when you wake up at 5am to rain. But, a few minutes in the workout and you completely forget it’s even raining, right? …right? Who’s with me?

  3. I’m with you dude. Embrace the suck, and it ceases to be. Glad you made it this am.