Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kind of Just Backed Into It


24 – Now that has to be a record of sorts.  Great weather brings out great runners.

YHC went over the routes a couple of times with a mixed degree of reception from the Pax.  It turned out to be effective as no one was lost.

To put all route questions to rest, here is a picture of the six mile route.  5s turned at Broad St and 4s at Monument.

Fudd took us out.


YHC wanted to revisit Broad Street, but after a show last night at Agecroft, Windsor Farms was calling as well.  Here is a route to do both!

It was great to run with Fireman Ed and Ponch as it was Ponch’s first RAMM and Ed’s return after some time away from the roads.


  • Summer Tour is still underway.  Not too late to start.
  • Puppy Pile this Saturday at 7:05 at Carillon
  • August 3 – Amateur RAMM Gears part deux.  Rumor has it that No Tools will provide guidance in the repair of our old bikes.  See him for details.
  • “Dirt Church” Sunday mountain biking is in full effect.  See No Tools.
  • CSAUP late October – Running loops around Forest Hill Park; one an hour.  Last man standing takes all.

Always Be Tapering,




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning for a run – great job .
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Enjoyed the route Lockjaw. Marv seemed to pick up of the phallic shape of the route when he finished the run. Glad to have Fireman Ed at RAMM for 45 minutes to EH him to sign up for his VQ.

  3. I was wondering when someone was going to comment on the shape of the route, though I thought it would be Saab.

  4. It’s a soup ladle. What’s the big deal?

    Nice to run with Beans, Swiper, and Fudd. Too bad Julia Roberts wasn’t out there, fellas.

  5. Anthony Haverly on

    Thanks Lockjaw for leading and helping me realize that I need to attend more jogging AOs. I hope to be a regular on Fridays. Ooh-rah!

  6. Thank you Kubota for thinking I would develop a Johnson-shaped route, but Lockjaw beat me to it…and proud we all are of him.

    TYA: “Was the route circumcised?”
    Lockjaw: “Depends if you were running the 5 or 6”

    Overall Assessment: Ball-sac near Bleeder’s was difficult to navigate in the dark. Shaft was long and flat and I found myself fading in the stretch. Rounding the tip I found renewed energy as I worked to catch up with Rosie and Marv. Phonics was going at it too fast and was impossible to keep up with.