Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Timberwolf Visitors


A beautiful morning lured five men out to Timberwolf, including several first-time visitors.

Shakedown opened the morning with the COP.  Oyster lead us on two four corners trips around the football field with merkins, jump squats, burpees, and WW II sit ups thrown in for fun. Kubota found a hill off to the side for clock merkins. YHC lead us back to the blacktop for copperhead squats and curtsy lunges followed by a lot of ab exercises.  Bag Phone used the tennis courts for running, Carioca, backwards running and bear crawls. We finished with partner leg tosses and a burpee shuffle.


It was great to meet Bag Phone, a college friend of Phonics who started F3 only a month ago and has already posted nine times. Way to commit. Oyster lives around the corner but Thursdays are not usually a good morning, glad you could make it. Shakedown had been at the inaugural Timberwolf session. Kubota and YHC had never been. As we finished the sun light up the clouds in an outburst of colors. It was a great way to welcome the day.




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  1. I’d been one (maybe 2) other time(s). Good fun this morning guys burn that Mary kicked my abs ? and I surely can’t dance as evidenced by my lack of curtsy skills.

    See one or two of you summer tour heads mañana at The Creek.

    Thanks for writing this up Swiper

  2. Nice Hot Potato this morning. Nice AO. Nice football field. Great ab burn this morning and nice to meet Bag Phone. Thanks for taking us out Shakedown and for writing the B.B. Swiper! Going to the Creek tomorrow. Better fuel up my truck.

  3. I’m not sure what kind of lunges those were. But we can all agree Curtsy is not it. Great Work men. Wow what a great morning we had.