Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mountain Beast


Two men woke slinked out of the top bunks to get the day started the only way F3RVA men know how (especially when in Guatemala): (sidenote-these workouts are not for Big Data purposes)

Mosey approximately 50 yds up mountain for COP. Exercises included:

DQs (completely out of breath-how can we be completely out of breath with DQs?), SSH, Helicopter, Freddie Mercuries, merkins, some other stuff.

Mosey another 50 yds for Proper Dora (ode to Lab Rat-Damn Lab Rat made it in a BB in Guatemala.  The country will never be the same)  1 partner perform Caroline Dry Dock, LBC, Squat while other partner run down row of houses.  Complete when perform 100 of each exercise as a team.

Mosey 5 yds for the hardest Beast you could imagine, The Mountain Beast.  Mountain Beast consisted of running up and down a damn mountain stopping to perform 6 reps at various locations.  Exercises included merkins, curb dips, flutter kicks, copperhead squats, LBCs and Burpees.

Mosey halfway down the mountain for curb crawls.  Bear crawl across road for 1 incline merkin, crawl bear back across road for 2 decline merkins.  Repeato until up to 5 and back down to 1.

Mosey back to VSF.

NMS : Another beautiful morning in Guatemala mountains.  45 degrees in July translate into 70 and sunny any day of the week.  TYA and YHC have a theory about working out in 10K feet of elevation.  It does not matter what exercise you do first, it will cause you to be completely out of breath.  We started with Saab style (real slow) DQs and both of us looked at each other asking :Why can’t we breath?  Just DQs, right?  We were completely gassed from a 50 yd jog and DQs.  This elevation is no joke, but if we ever catch our breath, we will be stronger at normal elevations.  Upon completion of the Proper Doras as we strolled a couple yards, YHC noticed TYA was looking down this mountain.  The following conversation ensued:

YHC – You are thinking about doing a Beast up and down this mountain?

TYA – Yes

YHC – Are you f#$%&^ serious?

TYA – Yes

And with those two words, we did the Mountain Beast.  During the Mountain Beast, there must have been severe shortage of oxygen to the brain as TYA exclaimed “Did you see that horse?”  YHC explained to TYA that the horse had been there throughout the entire workout.  Maybe it was the same horse TYA saw during his 100 mile race.  The natives of these Guatemalan villages are not used to visitors performing a Bootcamp workout (or any type of workout for that matter).  TYA and YHC got some laughs, crazy looks and disbelieving stares while they watched the PAX perform Burpees, Flutterkicks and Curb Crawls.  I am completely confident this was the first time they have ever witnessed Burpees and unfortunately, they witnessed TYA’s and YHC’s form

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