Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sweaty Mary


15 strong posted for Mary this morning and here is how it went down.

Mossy : 10 burpees – Windmills, Helicopters, IW’s, SSH’s . LBC’s, APD’s Flutter Kicks

Curb Crawl Ladder: 1-6 and back down.

Partner leg toss – 3 sets of 20

Triple Check : run the black top perimeter – WW11’s and LT. Dan’s

Polarbears to the fence – 10 donkey kicks – repeat 3 times

Indian Run  the full square of Mary.

Ring of Fire – 10 merkins

Mary – 6 inches

YHC had to borrow some gloves from Bleeder this morning cause he left the smelly things in the back of big blue and as ya’ll know it rained like a motha last night- thanks Bleeder  ! Saabski was in rare form this morning – atta baby Saabski – hey congrats on the Q5 Amber alert 🙂   Goldberg crushed the triple check – way to push buddy.. BT smoked the polar bears (which are always a crowd pleaser)  . Posh, Swiper, Handshake, Firemen Ed, Olivander Vinny, Keymaster  all – crushed the Indian run – Bleeder, Loose Goose, Spit, Pucker all  banged out the ring of fire. And the 6 inches was destroyed by the pax – lots’ of grunts and moans coming from the grounds of Mary this morning..

Excellent job guys – it was really humid out there…  Way to push . Thanks for taking us out today Sabbski – well said buddy.

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Great Q, Swirly! Packed a ton into 45 minutes. Glad to hear that the effects of Whatchamacallits are still lingering. See Goldberg if you aren’t a true believer. BTW, Goldberg can fly! Also, BT and Keymaster wear their workout close for at least 4 days before washing. 🙂

  2. I knew when I looked up who had the Q this morning I was in for a non stop beatdown! Great job Swirly. It was great to be back at Mary and catch up with the PAX not from the North. Hope to make this a regular thing on Thursdays now that I’m free those days.

  3. Mary left me more than moist today.

    Given what was administered earlier this week it was nice to finally get in a little upper-body work…Thanks Swirly (hah!).

    Last time I held six inches for that long was…oh wait, never mind.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    Solid Q, Swirly! The humidity is definitely back. Pax Service Announcement (PSA): you may need to bring catcher’s gear if your PLT partner is Bleeder. He’s aggressive;)