Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We DID do 10 Burpees


Then we had fun….

12 12 year olds showed up for play time at Heartbreak.  We skipped most of the workout stuff and went straight in for the kill….if “the kill” means playing a game.  6 on 6 meant lots of running and nowhere to hide.  Workout was gotten.

Geez, this morning was a blast, even though I once again was on the losing end until the final score.  Everybody that posted is ready for another round of ULTIMATE, we just have to figure out when. I am not going to give a breakdown of the game, because it won’t do it justice.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next ULTIMATE “workout”, as we need to get them in quick before the daylight fades on us.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Great game! Seymore and Loose Goose with the play of the game! Hard to believe someone let a neon green traffic cone post up in the Endzone waiting for the long bomb.

    I think Lab Rat shed a tear. #nicedefense

    Great job guys!

  2. That was a lot of fun. I’ll definitely seek out the next iteration of ultimate. It takes a lot to pull me away from Spider Run and this is one of those things.

    I still can’t believe I couldn’t find a way to throw a frisbee over Flipper’s head. Boy must have some serious hops.

  3. Good fun, Lab Rat! Thanks for bringing your circus on the road again. Glad we could find a safe (but soaked) field to use.

    My 2nd favorite moment was me trying to cover Splinter in the end zone… Circus indeed.

  4. That has got to be the most fun 12 guys can have not in a bath house… My take on the game::: don’t sleep on handshake he came to play…Ponch proved that last time wasn’t a fluke..Dude is a gamer…Goose is a Cherry picker…Seymour was either a burnout or attended lots of youth group events..he knows his way around a frisbee…and Splinter is 8 feet tall.. but throws 4 feet high so even a no ups gimp like me can grab a few…as for the rest of us our unremarkable play will be the foundation of legends in our own minds

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