Wednesday, January 19
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F4 – Fourth F Being Family


Spit posting for Pick 2

A Total of 21 including 9 FNG’s (Guys and Gals) and 7 2.0’s arrived at New Highland BC on Friday to help Pick 2 celebrate his wedding weekend.

This how it went down:

Mosey around the church one lap then head to the field

COP (ALL IC) – SSH, DQ, Imperial Walkers, Shoulder Taps, Merkins, LBC’s, Arm Circles

THANG – Mosey the pavilion

Triple Check – Dips, Skull Crushers, Run down the gravel road and back. Rinse and Repeat 3 times of course

Mosey back to the field


  • PAX was divide into to teams
  • Have one group start “at bat” and the other group start in the field. The group “at bat” should create a batting order that they maintain for the entire game
  • The first participant at bat kicks each of the three balls into the field, one at a time, and then runs the bases. The kicker tries to kick the ball into open space so the fielders do not catch the ball. Fielders attempt to catch and/or retrieve the balls as soon as the first ball has been kicked, while being aware of the other balls being kicked.
  • Fielders collect all the balls and place them in the bucket beside “pitcher mound”. Fielders work together to run and hand off the balls to each other to get the balls to the bucket.
  • Participants must be on a base when all balls are placed in the bucket. Once on a base, participants are not required to run to the next base. They can decide to stay on the base if they do not think they can make it to the next base before all the balls are placed in the bucket. If they are between bases when balls are all returned to the bucket, they return to the previous base. More than one participant is allowed on a base at a time.
  • Runs are scored each time a participant reaches home base safely.

Mosey to SF for Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, PICK 2 took us out


This was a nice change of pace at The Creek last Friday. We had a great showing from wedding party including the father of the bride (Blue Tux), father of the groom (Vila), and The bride herself (Pick 1).

The 2.0’s seem to enjoy 3 Ball the most but YHC did notice a few adults getting into as well.

To learn more how 3 Ball works watch the video

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Pick 2 on their marriage this past Saturday!


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