Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunny and 70


What a beautiful morning for a run. Four gloom warriors departed at or around 7:00 AM. We saw Wedding Singer on the trail and rumor had it that Saab was out there too. We four stuck mostly together and ran south to north across and on top of Belle Isle. Lab Rat took a swim.  There was a fairly common Swallow sighting on top of Belle. YHC is almost back up to speed but not quite. The last mile was a doozie.

Puppy Pile is coming

Stop by the Raise tent at the ? festival next weekend

Summer Tour is going strong  – go see an AO you haven’t seen yet even if you are not on the tour

Pray for our brothers in need – they could use it

– Shakedown




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  1. Sorry to miss the core group but it was great to run into Singer during the early shift.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Absolutely couldn’t pass up this weather to check off Sunday Funday and get back out on the trails. Glad I got to see everyone, thanks for running the opposite way (at least to my familiar way). Mrs. Singer grabbed the 9:00 AM yoga class so I had to run early, and I knew you all would be cruisin on the trails ahead of me anyway.