Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Different Type of River Run


A duo of kayakers arrived at Huguenot Flatwater to enjoy reasonable water levels and an escape from the heat. Upon departure, we headed to the north bank where a nice beach had formed.  Worth exploring next time.

We kayaked upstream to the dam and checked out the fish ladder and the semi-blocked portage on the other side.  We chatted with a couple of kayakers who were hauling heavy boats over the portage path.  It was a team of father and young son who were on mile 93 of a 100 mile journey that started in Charlottesville last Saturday.  The dad explained that the son was born in America to two British parents and this was a float trip to study colonial history.  In particular, old trade routes used by the batteau of years past was the route they were retracing.

The boats were heavily laden with all the supplies one would need to camp on the river for a week.  Kubota and YHC assisted with the carry over the rocks and they were off to set that night’s camp a little ways down river.

Kubota and I hit the river to return to the take out.

For interested Pax, if we go next week it will be Friday or over the weekend.  Just let YHC know and we can plan something.



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