Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Worst Close-Out Ever…

  • 11 congregated around the U of R lake, showing varying degrees of interest regarding which route they would take;
  • As YHC spouted instructions with a map in tow, many expressed uncertainty on which direction to go;
  • Lab Rat took off on his own direction, with Fudd as a companion upon later inspection;
  • Sippy, Splinter, and Hardywood in front as one could plainly see, yet Hardywood dropped off near the end – supposedly having to pee;
  • In hitting the steepest hills Pucker showed just what to do, while Two Can was not far behind sporting his new Scorpion tattoo;
  • Bootleg was strong as ever as he ran toward others to join, while Circle K peddled off somewhere pondering his next pork-loin;
  • And lastly TYA wearing nothing but his Nike-Pro tights, left little to the imagination for awakening residents just turning-on their lights;

Saab Abides


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One who abides and is prone to sophomoric and juvenile humor.


  1. What rhymes with stumbling? Confused?

    Just kidding, we kid because we love! Screw those air conditioned car sitters! Meet people for God sake!

  2. I enjoyed running with you this morning, Saab. You certainly pushed me up those hills!