Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Air but Hard Work at No Toll


10 strong attacked No Toll this morning in the 81 degree warmth with no air movement.  The only breeze created was when the PAX was moving around.  Here is what went down:

Mosey to the far field for:



Invisible Jump Rope x 15

Helicopters x 15

Don Quixote x 10

Hillbillies x 15

Merkins x 10

Scorpion Kicks x 10

Crab Cakes x 10


Doracides (w/Big Cones)

Partner up.  One partner runs to first cone and performs one Burpee then runs back and touches partner.  Run to second cone and perform two Burpees then run back and touch partner.  Run to third cone and perform three Burpees then run back and switch with partner.  Exercises that the other partner is doing are: 100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s and 300 Squats.


Partner Work:

Find a new partner and perform 3 sets of 20 PLT’s each

With same partner perform 2 sets of 15 Elbow Plank Plerkins each

Find a new partner and Wheelbarrow to the last cone and then perform 8 Booyah Merkins.  Switch with partner and wheelbarrow back to first cone.  8 more Booyah Merkins


Pole Smokers:

Mosey back towards the parking lot and stop to grab a pole each.  PAX holds 6 inches while person at the first pole performs 10 Pole Smokers then pass to next person.  Hold 6 inches unless you are doing Pole Smokers and work your way to the last person.

Mosey to the basketball court for:


Four Corners:

Corner 1 perform 20 x 2-count Mountain Climbers

Corner 2 perform 20 x Monkey Humpers

Corner 3 perform 20 x Scorpion Dry Docks (10 with each leg up)

Corner 4 perform 20 x Jump Squats

Finished too fast…Repeato


Merkin Ring of Fire:

Each PAX member chooses 1, 3, or 5 reps of a different form of Merkin.  No repeats.  Included were: Hand-Release, Should Tap, Peter Parker, Regular, Clap and Finger-tip


3 MOM:

Rosalitas x 15

Heels to Heaven x 15

Flutter Kicks x 25


COT, Numberama, Namearama, and YHC took us out



July 4th Convergence is tomorrow!!  0700 at Tredegar.  Hot Potato Q!!  YHC will start us off and then toss it.  Have some ideas ready in case you get the potato!!  Coffeteria and Light Breakfast following.  If you are in town, be there!

Next PuppyPile is July 21 immediately following DogPile.  Bring out your 2.0’s for some fun and exercise.

Breaking Bread needs a Q for July.

YHC, Lockjaw and maybe others have a paddle trip set for Thursday at 6pm.  Huguenot Flatwater.  Bring your Kayaks, canoes or other floating devices.



YHC was very pleased with the energy and hard work that the PAX put out this morning.  It was hot and hard to breath with no air moving, but everyone did their job!  Welcome to TurnCoat (DK’s nephew) who posted for the third time in the last few months and killed the workout!  Doracides were tough but at least we got them out of the way early.  The last time I brought them to a Q was in the Winter and they were not as evil.  They got everyone soaked with sweat early this morning.  Mumblechatter slowed down after the first few minutes of the Doracides.

YHC would like to thank the SOJ men for letting him Q No Toll for the first time this morning.  Thanks for coming and for working hard!  It was a pleasure!

Have a great Tuesday all!


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  1. “The only breeze created was when the PAX was moving around.”
    I certainly heard some of the PAX moving some air around in other ways.

    Great Q, Kubota and thanks for the ice cold water at the end.

    Way to work, all!

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Holy sweat-fest. I’m smoked. Turncoat is visiting from Philly…and has attended about 5 F3 workouts over 3 summer visits. He said this was the hardest one yet. He was wearing a NY Giants Kerry Collins jersey today….who knew a QB ever wore #21??

    Great Q, Kubota!

    • I’m thinking that’s Landon Collins, but if one has to where blue Kerry Collins is a solid choice, unlike that turncoat Antonio Pierce.

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