Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snake River without the Water


22 strong (7 on two wheels and 15 on two legs) attacked RAMM and RAMM Gears this morning.  5:26am and directions were given.  5:30am and BOOM! off we go!


Multiple distances were covered today including:

4.2 mile route: Grove West to Tuckahoe Blvd to Granite to Cary to Tempsford.  Go down and up the Two Hills of No Mercy!  Return the way you came.

4.9 mile route: 4.2 mile route but run to Malvern and back to Mary first.

5.7 mile route: 4.2 mile route but run to Thompson and back to Mary first

8.?? mile route: ?

Multiple miles for Gears: ?

3 Minutes of Mary at the Shovel Flag for those that finish early including Box Cutters, LBC’s and Flutter Kicks.

COT, Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out



July 4th Convergence coming up on Wednesday.  7am at Tredegar/Belle Isle Parking Lot.  Hot Potato Q.  YHC will start and then toss it.  Have some ideas ready!  Breakfast/Coffeteria/Jump in the River immediately following.

Gumbo will be leading Dogpile tomorrow.  He will absent for a month after that so if you need to get your fill of Gumbo in, show up!  Have a safe trip, Gumbo and family!

Lab Rat is leading Dogpile next Saturday.  (Just throwing that tidbit out there so he will be happy)

Summer challenge is moving right along.  Will anyone catch Vinny while he is on vacation?  The ever-elusive Gridiron post is the only one he needs!!

Pick 2 and Fiancee are leading The Creek next Friday for his Wedding Rehearsal Day.  Nuptials the next day.  Congrats in advance!

Shakedown and Rosie are about to attack a 50k on Saturday.  Shoot them a text and cheer them on!  They GOT THIS!



YHC sent a Pre-Blast out for RAMM yesterday but he had to call an audible at 5:25am this morning because it was not enough numbers.  So normal run it was.  The Challenge/Competition will have to wait for another time.  YHC’s routes were long for the 4’s and short for the 5’s and 6’s.  YHC apologizes, but everyone finished right around 6:15am so it worked out.  YHC took the Snake River route that Lockjaw devised in May (when it was flooded) and tweaked it some.  YHC wanted everyone to experience both Tempsford and Kennondale.  In YHC’s opinion, Kennondale may be more of a pain than Charmian.  Kennondale after Tempsford is just plain harsh!  Either way, hills were attacked after a nice flat warm-up jaunt and then a nice flat recovery run on the way back in.

Welcome to my friend and FNG Re-Run (Clint).  Re-Run is an avid runner and decided to join us this morning after he ran the same two hills yesterday morning.  He must love those hills!  Lab Rat gets credit for the FNG naming since that is his new thing.

YHC is not sure what the cyclists did, but it was great to see a large group of them out this morning.

Swirly and TYA crushed the early-bird long distance route.  Great job!

Have a great Friday all!


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  1. Enjoyed it this morning. Way to work guys! Lab Rat, you got two mentions in my Backblast. Your welcome!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning for a run /bike ride !
    Great job guys .
    See y’all in the gloom.

  3. Great route today Kubota! It was great to be back at RAMM. Thanks Flatline for pushing the 5 mile pace today.

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  4. Although the hills are challenging, I enjoyed the route this morning. I must say that although we did not have enough 5:30 am runners for your challenge, 22 is a great turnout.

  5. Yes, needed more runners ready to go at 5:25am for explanations. Glad you enjoyed the route!